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Submitting a comedy script to the BBC

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I have been asked who a writer should submit a comedy script to at the BBC - does anyone have any idea as it's way outside of my sphere of experience?


  • Go to the bbc writers' room website and all the information is there. They have a specific window for submitting - next one is Autumn this year.
  • Lou's right. Just the seasonal submission windows or keep an eye out on the opportunities page for specific competitions. They recently ran a couple of comedy comps.
  • The BBC don't actually commission their comedy/drama output directly. They put the business out to independent production companies to tender, and it's the successful companies who organise the submission process. The writer has no direct contact with the 'Beeb', at least at the submission stage. Short story opportunities also seem very limited. Still investigating this, but as far as I can gather, they only commission five new writers a a year. I suppose someone has to be lucky.
  • Incidentally, there is a competition for those who come from Scotland or can write one with a Scottish flavour. I read somewhere that Douglas Henshall is going to be one of the judges. Yes, that gorgeous bloke who was on Shetland, also played that unfortunate sinister role in Crickley Hall. [I suppose these rather benign actors have to play these roles like diplomats have to do hardship posts for the Foreign Office] He also played Nick Cutter in Primeval
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    *checks Worcester Tech for Scottish Gaelic classes. Searches for long-lost, flashing, tartan bow-tie*
  • I've got Scottish ancestry somewhere back...;)
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