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Having Problems with CreateSpace

edited April 2014 in - Writing Problems
I've uploaded my book and cover onto the CreateSpace site but it won't let me continue until I complete the payee and tax information. Apparently I need a TIN. I have downloaded the forms to send to US but these will take two months to process. I just want to get my book published. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you solve it?
IWill I have th same problem when I try to upload to Kindle?
It's putting me off. Any advice?


  • I didn't come across that at all, casey. Not a sign of any question like that. How strange. I've found it all very straightforward.
  • You only have to provide that info if you've asked them not to withold your tax.
  • I'm just in the process of making another CS book. I'll keep a look out for that page. Maybe I did that when I produced the original kindle versions so don't now need to do it, though I have no recollection of it.
  • Oh, is that it, PM?
  • casey, you do mean this 'Please input your US Tax Identification Number (TIN) using one of the following formats (XX-XXXXXXX or XXX-XX-XXXX). A U.S. TIN is a U.S. Tax Identification Number, U.S. Social Security Number or U.S. Employer Identification Number.'? You can just leave it blank if you don't have a TIN. Only those questions with a red * have to be completed.
  • Yes, just finished putting a paperback together today and I didn't come across that at any point in the proceedings, casey.
  • IThey e-mailed me back to say I don't need to fill these bits in. I have no objection to the tax withholding. I am not actually expecting to earn huge amounts in royalties, probably won't even reach the minimum to qualify for cheque payments, but I do want my novel to be available on Amazon for my friends buy.
    Thanks for your help. All okay now.
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