What do you feel when you are creating

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I was wondering if any others are like me when they disappear into the writing world. I wondered how you feel when you are in the mood to write. Do you feel different. I feel alive like more vibrant, more how can l explain it like every nerve in me is tingling with anticipation. I notice small things. So l wondered do you close yourself off ? Or go somewhere noisy. I sit in a cafe sometimes, to watch people. But other times l write at night in the still quiet times.


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    Hello Nanwytch, welcome. Do tell us something about yourself and your writing in the Welcome Writers thread.

    When I'm writing everything feels right, but I do need quiet.
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    When I'm writing, I like silence and no interruptions. I can be completely organised in my head when I'm editing, and work things out in the blink of an eye that I never saw when writing. Very satisfying and tidy (which I'm not usually). I'm in my zone.

    Do tell us more about yourself - we're very welcoming!
  • Hi Nantwych. There's different feelings for flow, grinding it out and editing. All satisfying in their own way.
  • I prefer there not to be anyone talking or any music with lyrics when I start writing as I find that distracting. Once I've got involved in my story I don't notice anything else much.
  • Hi NW, welcome.

    I don't mind quiet TV, but no music as I need the rhythm in my head. In fact a certain amount of noise is good. But like PM I prefer quiet when starting out.
  • I need complete solitude so that I can enter the bubble of the world I've created. That way, as you say, Nanywytch, all my senses are sharp and I can experience everything in the same way as my characters.
  • I'm another one for quiet, but not necessarily silence. Any talking or singing seem to overpower the conversation in my mind.
  • I can write anywhere - if I'm in the 'zone' - there could be a marching band, someone playing some deep house full blast on a multi channel speaker system and a horde of naked playboy playmates dancing and I'd not notice.
  • Oh, datco, poor thing, you need new specs!
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