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Feedback online

Hi all, I was just wondering how people go about getting feedback online (I'm already in a local writer's group but I have too much stuff) particularly for screenplays. I sued to use circalit but that stopped doing screenplays, I've signed up for fanstory but you need a lot of member dollars ( which are either earned by reviews- (the only way I've earned any) or bought to promote your work and in doing so get feedback. I've also use Script Lab feedback but got no feedback there. So is anyone else on these sites and we can review each other's work or does anyone else have another site I could try for short stories and screenplay feedback. thanks


  • Sorry, don't know as it's not something I do.
  • Perhaps do a creative writing course on plays and drama? Then you'd get specific and also general feedback and technique tips etc.

    The thing about online feedback is no-one wants to trawl through hours of someone else's work, even though they want feedback themselves.

    And anyway, good, worthwhile feedback is very hard work - people don't have time. And, quite often, the expertise.

  • I belong to a couple of groups wich give great feedback for short stories. I'm sure there must be something similar for scriptwriters.
  • LizLiz
    edited October 2015
  • Try narrowing your requests to particular aspects or smaller samples, then apply what you learn more generally.
  • Phots Moll what are the short story ones?
  • Some are closed groups, David. This one is accepting new members - http://chapterseventynine.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0

    They've been having trouble with spammers joining though, so if you (or anyone else here) wants to sign up, send me a private message with the username you register with and I'll pass it on to admin so you're let in.
  • David - I found this website in Writing Magazine's article 'Writers' Web Watch'. I haven't looked at it, but it might be useful to you:


  • I haven't clicked on it to see, but I suspect the link above, left on a conversation that's over 4 years old is spam.
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