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WordPress query

Hello helpful people.

Does anyone know if there is a way to add a sticky post to a WordPress blog without it being automatically emailed to subscribers as it would be with an ordinary post? I want a bit of an introduction and a sticky would be ideal but I don't want it popping up in people's in-boxes. I tried the Front Page Intro widget but it uses huge type and takes up too much room.


  • Have you tried 'pages' rather than a new post? Same as a post but if you add a menu you can have it as a button somewhere on the page. If you do that, don't forget to tick 'disable comments' for that post!

    Wait, is this wordpress .org or .com?
  • It's the free one! I can never remember which one that is... com I think!
  • I have an intro on the front page and it doesn't have huge type. http://patsycollins.uk
  • Could you do the post with a little caveat of 'hello, people - this is my new intro to the site!' and then edit the post once it's up? That way subscribers will get an email that says it’s an update to the site and the page on the site will just be a bog standard but professional intro without the explanation...

    ...I can't remember, does the free one* send out emails when you edit a post or only when you first publish it?

    *pains me saying 'the free one' since both versions are free :P
  • Mine's on a page of blog posts, PM, so it was a special widget that sat at the top, pre-formatted.

    That's a good idea, br. I think it just emails on first publication. I hope so anyway!!!

    Free as in free hosting, I should say!
  • Yes, it does.
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