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Locating Authors

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Good Afternoon. I am not sure if this is the correct place for asking such a question but here goes ...

I am in the process of starting a childrens publishing company, focusing on short novels for 7 - 11 year olds. I have funding in place and I am ready to launch before summer 2016, but I am not sure how to attract writers who would be happy to supply work for my company to publish, produce and sell. Is there somewhere to advertise?

To be clear, I am not looking to ask authors to pay for producing books and there will be royalties paid for books sold, but how do I find authors who are willing to write children's stories for publication? I have already made contact through Universities to promote opportunities to creative writing students, but I am seeking a wider audience and, at this stage, I am unsure of how to achieve my aims.

Thank you for considering my question. Any help or advice will be gratefully received.

Best regards
Ian Cox


  • There's no shortage of writers who'd like their work published, so all you need do is make it known you're open to submissions.

    Do you have a website? If so, posting the link here will be a start.
  • Hi Ian,
    Do you have a website? You could also start a FB page for your publishing company, advertise in writing magazines & The Children's Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, visit writing forums (tick!), post on Goodreads, LinkedIn, Amazon, Writers and Artists (website, like the book) - there are so many online sites dedicated to the writing business.

  • Writing magazines, Twitter, Facebook...
  • Hi Ian. I share a list of children's publishers on my blog if that would help? Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about your background and industry experience too, to give prospective writers confidence?
    Best wishes, Lou

  • Have to admit I am a little mystified as to how you could possibly be experienced in this area and not know how to contact children's authors...
  • I would have though listing yourself in the 'children's Writers' and Artists' yearbook' would be a good start.
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