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Greetings-Captain Hitface here-could'nt be newer to this,my first time, I'm looking to make contact

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This is by way of introduction, I'm just starting out, never written before, I'd like to think I got a lot to write about, went to sea at 17, Navigating cadet, stayed there 33 years, worked for 20 British and foreign companies, sailed the seven seas, Cape Horner at 18, been to 99 countries, sailed with every type of man!
Taxi-driving is also, but of course, a rich source of human behaviour!
I'd like to write stories with a punch, always from the 'well-meaning, amusing/human condition'!
I'd like to write in a mixture of Len Deighton/John le Carre/Oliver Pritchet!
I would welcome as much feedback as possible!
I would really like some advice on how and who to contact, with regard to writing a piece for them!
Thank you!


  • Hi, wardgris
    Writing Magazine would make a good starting point in your research.

    p.s. welcome to the forum :)
  • Hitface?

    *treble checks hasn't missed a letter out*

    Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome Captain H.
  • Greetings, Captain H. Never mind writing in their style - tell your own story in your own voice! Write, write and write again. It's the only way to learn. Oh, and buy a copy of Writing Magazine!
    (I'm the Bear, and I can nag for England even though I live in France.)
  • Hello.
  • Hello Captain H. Put down as many words as you can. Once you have a draft you can see what works and what doesn't and edit vociferously from there onwards...
  • Ahoy! or should I whistle with fingers in mouth (if only I could do that). Sounds like you've got masses of material to work with. Good luck.
  • . . . and edit vociferously from there onwards...
    I do that too. Always 'shouting' at my pages, computer screen and red pens

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