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I know plenty of you think about going to Arvon or another writer retreat and hum-haw over the expense, or think it's not for you. Some of you might not know about them at all, either way you might find this post interesting.


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    I enjoyed visiting a thatched cottage known as 'Retreats for You' which stands nearby, at Sheepwash market place.
  • I attended Arvon as a sixteen year old back in September 1984 - it was part of a course after I left school.

    Exactly four years to the day after stepping off the bus and walking up the hill from Heptonstall and into Lumb Bank, I married the girl who I had met on the very first day at that Arvon course.

    This September, we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary.

    I have fond memories of Arvon. :)
  • Wow, Kramer - that's a love story in itself :x
  • That's such a lovely story, Kramer!
  • Oh! A real writer romance! How lovely.
  • *sheds a tear*
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