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BT Hub5 won't connect to my printer
  • We changed from a Hub4 to Hub5 this week.
    After 24 hours it stopped working so we got the BT engineers in.
    Now we have internet but I can't get my computer to connect with my HP printer.
    Any advice?
  • Having looked on Google it seems to have been an issue with other people over the past few years.

    The first thing is uninstall the printer which is presumably still showing on your system even if you can't connect to it.
    Then try re-installing it, and updating it.

    Have a look on the HP website for support info for your computer series.
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  • Yes, I looked on Google too, but couldn't understand a word of the answers!

    I wondered if re-installing it would work, but now the OH has got involved!
  • Good luck.
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  • LizLiz
    I phoned BT customer service and they talked me through how to do everything - they were excellent.
  • Exactly the same scenario at our house Liz. Thanks for the info I'll ring BT.

  • BT got me halfway there and then abandoned me to a web page which started okay and then devolved into geek-speak.

    Today my grandson - Dylan, 14 - fixed it for me. As he left he grinned and said proudly, "That's the first time I've installed a printer." Bless!
  • What a brilliant grandson you have - well done Dylan.
    I had to give the battle and called in a computer whizzo to whom I had to give a £40 cheque. Ouch!
  • Ouch indeed, Betsie, though £40 is cheap these days.
    When we lived in Tenerife we had a local chap who OH swore by, but he wasn't as clever as my brother-in-law. So I'd phone BIL in Guildford, from where he would take over my computer and fix it remotely. Wonderful to have these people in the family.
  • Apple take over my computer and tell me how to fix it or do it and eventually stuff starts to go in...
  • It's beginning to feel that the computers control us rather than we control the computer.