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Who's in June 09's magazines due out 7th May?



  • Yes, I didn't like the short letters page.
  • Well put, Dorothy; and great story, Rich!
  • Well done Dorothy. I've not yet read the story but will do so.
  • Gotta get it today, to go with the other 2 I haven't read. I'll take it on holiday.
  • Good idea.
  • Very good story, richt.

    I also liked both of the winning poems, which is unusual for me, particularly the runner-up which was very emotive.
  • I liked your story Richt.
  • well done richt i look forward to reading it... if i ever receive my copy.
  • Congratulations Dorothy and richt - spotted you both in WN.
  • well done Dorothy and Richt. I am not renewing my sub to WM again as I am fed up waiting to receive it usually when its too late to enter comps etc. Its so annoying to read about you all enjoying the mag and Ive not received it until weeks later.No offence to any of you, Im just jealous that you all have it before me!!!!!!!!
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