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Blog Updates



  • A rather political post from me...

  • I've changed Pixie J. King Online from Wordpress to Blogger. I have deleted the Wordpress one. Here is the new one, so ALL of my blogs now are on Blogger.

  • New post...

  • I don't have a new post but i have tweaked my blog slightly.

    I have reworded my blog sub title a bit and adjusted the main text colour. I realised that although I adore purple, purple text on a purple background may have been a bit much.

    So it's now black text on a purple background - hopefully slightly more reader friendly.
  • I just flushed mine but I seem to have a floater. Good job I've got some Bloo Loo in there to disguise it before the Pope comes around for tea.

    Oh blog updates, sorry.
  • New update:

  • I thought you might like this one - Alfie talks about sex and the castrated dog!

  • Updated my blog with prose (Finally) no new though...bear with me...

  • :) @ ST

    too funny.
  • For those who were following the tale of my mum's fish tank - there's been a developement.

  • Hi Folks,
    Interview with new mystery novelist, Michael Robert Gordon.
    If you wanna nosey, why not pop over?
  • edited July 2010
    I'm thinking of starting a 2nd blog.

    But this one would be more of a journal style blog about writing. My current blog claims to be focussed on writing but is currently dealing with reviews on books on writing, fish tanks and handbags.

    If I start a new blog, even if no one reads it, it would help me keep tabs on how much I'm actually writing - which at the moment is little so this would be encouraging...just like my current blog is supposed to be. :rolleyes:
  • http://theworldsilivein.blogspot.com

    Where is the other one about blog updates? I just did a search.....
  • Blog update for those interested in Theme & Conflict


    Also, some stories and flash fiction.

  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/07/under-construction.html

    a new post about my new blog that will be appearing soon and the future of my current blog
  • edited July 2010
    My latest offering....you may notice a name change...this is because Ive used my pen name


    pp x
  • Updated mine a few minutes ago, and more than likely forgot to mention the previous update:

  • Just a quick question, who reads my other two blogs, like Pixie J King Online and Pixie J King and her World?

    I ask because I'm thinking of deleting them and focusing on making The Works of Pixie J King bigger and better and so I can spend more time on it.
  • Okay, well, I'm assuming no one reads them and even if they do, I've deleted them as I need to focus on one blog as two is silly.

    Updated the important blog though with a couple of posts:

  • new post

  • edited July 2010
    Pixie.. just posted on your blog and can't find where to "follow" you. Can you let me know how ?

  • You have to scroll down a fair bit for it, but on the left hand side, on the sidebar, underneath the Categories, (The bit where all the black words are) there's the box saying Followers. Then click on the follow box and follow the instructions.
  • Nice design Pixie. You do need to have the follow thing visible when you open the page or close enough that it's there after a quick scroll though. You have links to other peoples blogs before anybody can see how to follow your own and this is about you remember. There are far too many categories for a single content blog too. I'm sure you could condense them into a few main categories and have subs inside there.

    Good idea to concentrate on a single blog too, good thinking.
  • It's not Wordpress, Tony, it doesn't have categories, and then tags. It just has that. And if it does, I don't know how to do it yet.
  • edited July 2010
    I can see a Categories heading though. Do you mean you can't organise them on Blogger? That's a bot of a drawback. I'll look into it foe you now.
  • http://technicallyeasy.net/2008/03/grouping-posts-by-categories-in-blogger/

    Okay found this post and it looks pretty simple to do. Give it a look if you have time, hope it helps.
  • Yeah I know it does. I don't even remember adding it, to be honest. It must have come with the template. I've removed it now, and took your recommendation of moving my followers. But no, you can't. Not to my knowledge anyway. I know on Wordpress you can, but I can't get on with Wordpress much.

    I'm still not entirely happy with my design, to be honest. I can never be truly happy with things.
  • Yeah I know what you mean always tinkering. Wordpress does seem to be more flexible and that's why I use it. But the Follow Me thing on Blogger is great and sorely missing from Wordpress. Don't worry too much about your blog, it's just a blog if you know what I mean. The content is what counts. If it looks simple and is easy to navigate then you have achieved all you need to do.

    You want people to visit it to see what you are up to and see your work. You also hope they'll like it enough to come back right? So if they can find the work easily and see how to follow you without effort then your job is done.
  • my update...


    pp x
  • Just updated the blog with a story, yes, a story woo!

  • Ha good one, reminds me of the old joke about blowing up the balloon.
  • I've been blogging about my trip up north.

  • Wow beautiful place. Did you take those photographs? They are outstanding.
  • Thanks, Silent Tony. Yes I did. :D
  • Blog update for those interested in characterisation


    Also, some stories/poems and flash fiction.

  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/07/wheres-my-background-gone.html

    Another mystery...in the sense that my background has gone astray.
  • Blog update on my novel status, and yes, it has had a new look :)

  • Updated my blog with an important little reminder:

  • Just posted a poem to faded, jaded starlets: Her Metamorphosis.

  • Love the picture, Lily. I'll take a read tomorrow.
  • Updated my blog again. Bored of me yet?

  • Nena, I love the waterfall picture.
  • Pix. Nope.
  • I have a new blog! There's not much on it at the moment but here it is:


    And as it is new remember it is liable to change suddenly over the next few days as I try to get it just right
  • http://chippy-thelifeofwriting.blogspot.com/2010/08/today-i-finally-finished-editing-short.html

    another post on my new blog.
  • I posted a piece about how I write short stories on Sunday:

  • http://chippy-thelifeofwriting.blogspot.com/2010/08/another-tv-episode.html

    another update
  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/08/tale-of-five-fish-part-4-another-update.html

    An update on my true fish story.
  • http://chippy-thelifeofwriting.blogspot.com/2010/08/retraining-my-brain-and-more-on.html

    an update on writing that I haven't done and writing that I have to do...rather than writing I have actually done
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