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Who's in January 10's magazines due out 3rd December?

edited November 2009 in - WM and WN
Who's in January 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out on 3rd December, but mine have just arrived.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Mine was waiting on the mat when I just got back from the shops a few minutes ago. Quite a surprise it was this early.
    I recognised one name in WM and one in WN, but only had a quick flick through.
    Well done those TB's.
  • Got mine too. Not much poetry in them again.
  • I got mine too this morning. Quite a surprise.
    Already spotted one TBer on a very quick flick through, so well done to them.
  • Got mine too. It's still November! It's bad enough the year's going fast as it is :P
  • Mine came this morning too. For a moment I thought they'd sent me the December ones again by mistake, but no, they are January. Obviously very organised this month.
  • Mine arrived this morning. I was so surprised I had to check today was Monday! :P
  • Yes, mine arrived today too. Another short story short-listing in Writers' News :-)
    Helps to keep the juices flowing!
  • Blimey Carol, you're usually last on the postman's run out of all of us, aren't you?
  • edited November 2009
    Last month I was.
    Usually I alternate between getting delivery on the day before or on the day, but last month was very late.

    Congratulations Richt.
  • My mags just arrived, I had given up on the postman today as he arrived so much later than usual but it is 'that' time of year. I won't open them yet tho' - they are pencilled in for reading at the end of the week. Today is for making Christmas cards and lists...
    Well done everyone who gets a mention.
  • well done Richt!
  • i got mine today as well... mom changed the address to uni so i get it before she does :D had a quick page thru before my prose seminar and during the break too... looks like some good stuff in this month
  • i mean January :D
  • Well done richt
  • Yes, congrats richt!
  • My article, What's in a Name? is in Writing Magazine - nicely illustrated too.
  • Good article, Viv. Well done, Rich T.
  • mine arrived early as well, so it's a toss up if I do a first draft of a story tonight or relax and have a read.

    well done Viv and Rich
  • Congratulations Viv, your article is scheduled for reading -when it is quiet ,over lunch tomorrow I expect. :)
  • Stamps feet I didnt get mine.
  • at least you know it is on the way...
  • Well dont RIcht and Viv.
  • Got mine today as well. I always look forward to reading "the writer's day". I like to read about other people's work areas so I can dream about the study I can have when the kids leave home :P
  • :) Yes I imagine taking over one of my boys rooms, but I suspect I will be old and grey before that happens. ;)

    Just read Viv's article, good straight forward piece.
  • Well done, Viv. Looks an interesting article, too. (Still a month behind with my magazine reading, so it'll be a while before I get round to reading it properly).
  • Mine has arrived thsi morning and since I'm feeling shattered today I think I might just settle down for a while to read it....I'm trying to practise turning a negative into a positive. Therefore I am not going to feel bad about feeling so tired that the house looks like a tip and instead I am going to feel good about some peaceful time to actually read WM when it arrives. :)
  • Good on you Gina, you need to do this sometimes.
  • After a morning of chores I have just sat down and had a flick through WM/WN over lunch. I nearly choked on my sandwich when I spotted my name in the 'shortlisted' for last line story. Hurrah! A 'nearly good enough' is a boost in the writing arm. Which reminds me, I must fill in and send my subscription renewal this week, don't want it lost in the festive mail mountain...
  • Congratulations Doodley, well done.
  • well done DS
  • I'm only an occasional visitor, but I'm pleased to say that there's a piece about me in Members' News, (MN4), with a photo of my novel, Tainted Tree.
  • Well done, Jackie! (Saw your name, but haven't read it yet.)
  • Well done Jackie.
  • Haven't read that far yet Jackie but well done. It's good to belong to such an illustrious group, more and more talkbackers gaining publication in some form or other, keep it going everyone=D
  • congratulations Richt, viv and Doodleysquit! TBers are doing well this month! :D
  • Thank you very much, Jay, Carol and Doodlysquit and well done to you, too, for the shortlisting.
  • Well done Richt, Viv, doodlysquit and jackie.luben.
  • Thanks Wilts.
  • well done doodley &Jackie.
  • [quote=dora]Blimey Carol, you're usually last on the postman's run out of all of us, aren't you? [/quote]
    Um...no, that would be me, Dora. Mine arrived in the post today. (sigh) Better late than never, I suppose.

    Congratulations RichT - another remarkable effort.
    Good on you, doodleysquit.
    Enjoyed your article, Viv.
    Well done on the book and the article, Jackie.
  • Interesting that there is an article very similar in theme to mine (choosing a pen name) in January's Writers Forum. What a coincidence. Also interesting that I sent my idea to WF first and they turned it down, so I sold it to Writing Mag instead!
  • Well done DS, Jackie, Viv and richt! :-)
  • [quote=Island Girl]Um...no, that would be me, Dora. Mine arrived in the post today. (sigh) Better late than never, I suppose.[/quote]

    Well Miss IG, if you will live in that little cottage, there in the woods, at the end of the long winding lane, with it's overgrown hedgerows and long grass verges ... what do you expeck?
  • You forgot across a big expanse of ocean too Dora...;)
  • Yes maybe postie keeps forgetting his flippers/snorkel and has to go back for them. :)
  • Just came back to thank Mutley, Island Girl and Kangaroo for good wishes. Also I'm pleased to say that I had an article - also about my novel, Tainted Tree, in Family Tree Magazine, (December).
  • Well done on that jackie.
  • Thanks again, Carol.
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