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100 stories for Haiti

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  • Is that the link you meant to post PM?


    may be the one you meant.

    Thanks for adding it to the forum - the more people who see it the better.
  • It is a good idea, but the deadline was yesterday, and it has only be highlighted a couple of days.
  • The deadline is tonight at midnight Carol.

    It's being done at short notice due to the emergency nature of the situation.
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    Just submitted a story.
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    Oh, I read somewhere a few days ago it was the 24th. Obviously that onewas wrong.

    Good luck if you sent a story.
  • Sorry about posting the wrong link - thanks for finding the right one, Heather.

    Good luck with yours, littlewanda.
  • Deadline for submission has been extended to midnight Wednesday (tomorrow)
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    The book is now available to pre-order from the above website, or from the publishers, Bridge House Publishing on http://bridgehousepublishing.co.uk/100StoriesforHaiti.aspx (Publication date 4 March.)

    It's a great cause and all profits will be going to the Red Cross so do buy it if you can. (£11.99 +P&P)
    There will also be an ebook available to download shortly, so if the paperback is a bit pricey for you, you could buy that instead.
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    In case anyone was wondering how much of the proceeds from the paperback sale are going to the British Red Cross, I'm pasting a copy of Greg McQueen's answer to my question about that:

    'If they buy it straight from the 100 Stories or Bridge House site, about 60% goes to charity. The remaining bit covers the production of the book. If they buy it from Amazon, it's more like 40%. So buying direct is better.'

    If any TB'ers are considering buying it, that's roughly £7.20 if you buy it direct, or £4.79 if buying from Amazon.
  • I have a short story in the anthology and was really chuffed when they notified me.
  • Well done, writebag!
  • Congratulations writebag.
  • Well done writebag!
  • Congrats, writebag.
  • Thank you!
  • WEll done, Writebag.
  • Fantastic, Writebag, Another Talkbacker!
  • Great post by Greg McQueen, about the ebook version of '100 Stories for Haiti' to be published by Smashwords. It's an interesting concept that the price is whatever the customer wants to pay! He also makes some good points about ebooks in general.

  • Well done to you too, Writebag.
  • The book is published today, and is also now available to download as an e-book.
  • And it's also on Amazon now too...
  • Have just ordered my copy - can't wait to see it!
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