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Jumping up and down with joy

edited June 2010 in - Writing Tales
I've sold my first story to a paying market!

Not sure if anyone remembers but I submitted two stories in March, one to TAB and the other to Yours. TAB declined, saying it wasn't quite right. But this morning, just before starting work, the editor of Yours rang to say they wanted to use my story. I'm not sure which edition it will be in yet, but I'm beyond thrilled.


  • WOW! Many congratulations! The editor PHONED you! Double WOW! No old fashioned acceptance through the letterbox then! I is envious!
  • well done, I amsending my first ever story to take a break this week
  • edited June 2010
    Congratulations. That's brilliant.
    They only have the one story in their issue of the magazine don't they?
  • That's fantastic!
    I've never managed to get one in 'Yours'. Really well done!
  • Congratulations, Littlewanda. That's such a huge achievement!! Hopefully, this will be the first of many!

  • Congratulations LW - that's fantastic!
  • Thank you :)

    I can't overstate how much encouragement and inspiration I get from everyone on this site.
  • Congratulations, Littlewanda.
  • Fantastic news, well done!
  • Brilliant news. I'm still working at it and came close, so very well done
  • Wow - Littlewanda, that is great news.
  • Woohoo! Virtual champagne on its way...:)
  • Wow, well done you, LW!
  • Yes! Result! Very well done, Littlewanda - hey, I've never got 'Yours' to buy anything of mine, so you're one up on me there! Keep us informed of the where and when - and write them summat else in the meantime.
  • What fantastic news well done!
  • Well done Littlewanda! What a wonderful way to start the day!
  • Well done Littlewanda.
  • Congratulations - hope you're celebrating
  • Well done-great news :)
  • Hurray for lil wanda = woooooop!
  • Hurray!!! Great news, Littlewanda :)
  • Well done, Littlewanda - that's great news! :)
  • Yippeee, congrats Littlewanda! By the way, are we having a reunion on this thread? There's a few TB'ers I haven't heard from in awhile.
  • Brilliant news, LW. Have you worked out (in your euphoria) what it was that made them take your story? Like ceka says, write another.
  • I have a fair idea, Dwight. I think. I actually wrote the story in the summer of last year and sent it off for a free critique. The feedback was very positive - they couldn't find much wrong with it - and told me to submit it asap. Unfortunately, I didn't pluck up the courage to send until March this year.

    Now I've had this success, I'm going to start writing a lot more. I know realistically I will get more rejections than acceptances, but at least I know that I got it right this time!
  • I want to get in Yours.

    Congrats, feel free to do a little dance as well.
  • Brilliant news, LW. You've got the formula right, so keep at it girl!
  • well done, hard mag to get acceptance from
  • Congrats and well done littlewanda. Success is addictive so you will want more now, and as you have said you are writing more. Do you know what it is that made this story succesful?
  • Well done. Many congratulations.
  • well done - brilliant news.
  • Only just seen this. What great news! You must be really chuffed, LW. Hope you're still celebrating!
  • Little wonder you're so ecstatic... no? I'll get me coat.

    Very well done, LW.
  • Is that her new name now?
  • I think I'm late! Well done, littlewanda! Excellent news.
  • I am late so apologies.

    Belated Congratulations!

    Fantabidozee news :D
  • Congrats LW :D
  • Great news! Congratulations, littlewanda :)
  • Well done! Yours is a hard market to crack.
  • Well done, Littlewanda!
  • Had a postcard from Yours today to say should be in issue 98 (September 21st). A long time off, but it will be worth the wait!
  • Da da da da da DAAAAAHHHHH. Excellent news LW! Bloomin' well done.

    Please remind sieve-for-brains like me nearer the time so I can buy it.
  • Thank you, Lily :)
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