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Major Article Just Published

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this is a success for three reasons.
First, it is an 8000 word article and occupies 10 pages in The Medelai Gazette, the journal of the Richard III Foundation. Second, said journal is an academic magazine and you need to write to that level to get in.
Third, the name Woodville is usually said with venom by most Ricardians, Public Enemy No. 1 for a lot of people. Said major article is based on the tournament fought by Antony Woodville, Lord Scales, and Lord Anton, the Bastard of Burgundy. I am very pleased on all three counts. No money but publicity, as the issue also has an ad for the duke's book and a mention of it as well.


  • Congratulations are clearly in order here, Dorothy - did you do it under your own or your 'tag' name! I think the 'tag' name is beautiful, sorry to hear it gets spat out by the Ricardians. Well done for your 10 pages (some article!)
  • Congratulations, Dorothy.
  • edited June 2010
    My own name as I do a lot of work for the Foundation, mailings etc. and I wanted them to know I can write academic articles too ... when required!
    There is an equally long article on the duke which I will be submitting soon.
  • Well done Dorothy!
  • That is brilliant. Well done.
  • Well done Dorothy!
  • No wonder you feel good about this success, Dorothy. All grist to the mill.
  • Ooo well done Dorothy, great accomplishment.
  • That is great news Dorothy, well done.
  • Well done dorothy. And hello Carol.
  • Evening Stan.
  • 8,000 words?! What an achievement! Well done, Dorothy.
  • That is certainly an achievement.
  • Sounds very impressive and accomplished. Well done.
  • I am impressed Dorothy, well done.
  • Well done Dorothy. :-)
  • Now that is a fantastic accomplishment. Gratz D.
  • Congratulations Dorothy!
  • Congratulations, Dorthy :)
  • great news, Dorothy, well done
  • the editor said, in her editorial, it was a labour of love. It was, I spent hours translating the medieval report (with the help of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1 - 2) to turn it into stylised but readable English and to point out the many inconsistencies most historians make over this tournament. In 1833 the people who printed the version I have commented that historians mangle both the date and the reason for it being held and there, on page 3 of a respected book on the battle of Barnet, the historian makes the same mistake ... the publishers ignored my letter of complaint.
  • Congratulations, Dorothy. That sounds some achievement.
  • Well done Dorothy!
  • Well done, and good publicity too for the book. Sounds like a very satisifying achievement!
  • Well done Dorothy - you deserve success with all the hard work you put in!
  • Great news, Dorothy!
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