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Computer help needed

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One of my sub-editors has been sent an article in odt which he can't open. What is odt - does anyone know? I've never heard of this term.


  • I think it's an OpenOffice file or something like that ... Think it might be available as a free download too. Not entirely sure though.
  • Since writing the above I typed odf in the Bing Search and it took me to fileinfo.com. Odf means OpenDocument File and can be opened with OpenOffice which I have on my computer. It comes as standard on many computers. I asked for the Word package to be put my computer even though it cost me extra money. Thanks Jediya - you are right about OpenOffice.
  • Yes it is the standard Open Office file, Stan.
    When I was using OO I made sure I saved documents in the Word 2003 option, so when I opened them later in Word I could still read them.
  • Thanks for that tip, Carol - I've just downloaded OpenOffice and wondered about the save option.
  • You get quite a lot of choices for saving documents in, but it will be obvious which Word option you need on the drop down list.
  • Thanks for these comments.
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    I use openoffice on my netbook as I refuse to pay for microsoft when I can get a similar package for free, but yea I always save as .doc files as I have office 2007 on my PC. I also save everything on my PC as .doc as opposed to .docx as then there are no issues with other people opening the files when I mail them.
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