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Anthology Launched

edited July 2010 in - Reading
The anthology my short story appears in was launched last night and is now online


I would be really greatful to any TBers who can take the time to have a read.



  • Liked that, very real-life in a Secrets and Lies way.

    In future though, just for me can you add a psychotic hammer attack, or the dog came back in with a belly filled with Hell's minions and it attacked them please?
  • hmmm, I'll consider it Lee, just for you :-D
  • Well done Emma, I'll look later when I have more time to read.
  • Enjoyed that very much Emma. Really nicely written. Typo on page 26, 'wined' for 'whined'.

    Of course, I like the name of the dog.
  • Well done, Emma.
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