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Reputable sources of online work?

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I am trying to find good sources of freelance writing work. Are there any websites offering genuine sources of online work for writers? Places like elance, peopleperhour, etc, generally get negative reviews and often the payment rates are ridiculously low for UK writers. I am trying to get back into writing after quite a long break (I did a doctorate in Psychology) and am struggling to know where to start.



  • welcome!
    can't help, sorry to say, my advice would be to concentrate on writing articles and readers' letters and getting them out there. I have a thread running "where to start" which links to a successful freelance writer's blog, which should give you plenty of ideas.
  • Thanks, Dorothy. I had clicked on that link on your 'Where to start' post but it says 'blogger not found'.
  • now where has that gone? I've fired off an email to find out. Will let you know!
  • GF, why not post your arrival on the Welcome Writers thread, then people will know you're here, add the query you listed above and see if you get a response. It's not like us to ignore someone - I don't think people have realised you're new!
  • Done! Thanks.
  • welcome. I don't like to see you without advice. When I hear back from my freelancing friend, I will post it.
  • Hi Girl Friday,

    Why not give vWorker a look? The employers at vWorker tend to disregard low bids 80% of the time, so your chances of securing well paying work is higher there.
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  • Sorry, I don't know of any decent sites which commission freelance writers.

    I sometimes post articles on Triond. http://www.triond.com/rw/254153 It's not a big payer (I get about £2.50 per month) but they take almost anything and you retain control of your work - you can amend or remove it at any time. If you write more you earn more. I'm lazy and just submit stuff that I've written as a exercise or for some other purpose. If you've got stuff that you've tried to sell eleswhere or which you can't find a market for you might like to consider subbing it to Triond.
  • [quote=RACNicole]Why not give vWorker a look? The employers at vWorker tend to disregard low bids 80% of the time, so your chances of securing well paying work is higher there.[/quote]

    Whew ! Had a quick look at vWorker. Perhaps the bits I looked at fit into the 80% RACNicole refers to but phooey - work for peanuts ? I came across some technical writing which is exactly the kind of thing I've done before -
    " Brief Summary:
    Write a step-by-step installation/configuration gui for an SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 mailsystem on Linux

    You need to write an installation guide that includes ALL steps in the installation of:
    * smtp server
    * pop3 server
    * imap4 server
    * webmail
    * web based "tool" for the configuration of smtp/pop3/imap4/webmail
    * if some pre-requists need to be installed then these SHOULD be included within your step-by-step guide.
    Now at a guess, dependent on how good or bad the software is, that would take a minimum of 3 full days. Would I do that for the maximum acceptable bid of $175 - not on your Nellie. I pay my motor mechanic (who works from a shed on a farm so hardly covered in overheads) £30 an hour. Why would I work for just over £5 an hour ? Even if one really skimped (and it says pay by results) then £15 an hour if you did it in 7 hours ...

    I shall look further and reserve judgement but ...
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