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I have a possible story but a message to say the comments are too long

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I do not know quite what to do, I have a possible story called The Worst Dream but had a message to say the comments are too long despite it saying World in Progress. Its a bit like Tales of the Unexpected, does anyone remember that, a bit of a twist


  • who was the message from, Woll,and what did you say to them?
  • I remember Tales of the Unexpected- scary sometimes.
    Don't understand what you mean by 'the comments are too long'- do you mean the dialogue the characters come out with are too lengthy?
  • I don't think anyone should send off anything incomplete in the current climate. I can't see anyone accepting something that 'will' be finished. Just not the way things work.
  • Where it says, enter your comments when you start a new topic. I was trying to send off my story for you to vet but told it was too long. I even tried to use the browse but that did not work either. I needed someone to read it through and make any relevant pertinent comments
  • what you do, Woll, is split your comments into two. We often have comments on here which are too long, so you cut them in half and post twice.
  • Ah that explains it.
    You need to use the Work in Progress category so it is private, and split it up over a couple of posts using the big input tag on the comments box.
    Or ask TB's who might be willing to read it and give you comments to whisper their e-mail address so you can send it to them.
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    Do you mean the One Word Challenge Woll ? If so, it only has to be 200 words .

    edited to say - sorry, I didn't understand what you meant Woll !
  • Be sure to put it in a private thread, Woll, otherwise it has been 'published' and won't be any good to you. I would go with Carol's suggestion, ask if any TBers would read it for you and send it to them as an attachment to an email. That way you will be sure to have it in one piece.
  • I'm sorry, I thought you'd sent out an idea proposal for a story lol and got the old knock-back, sorry Wollster.
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