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Who's in December 10's magazines due out soon?



  • I saw another Tber in WN
  • Thanks, everyone.

    In case anybody's wondering why page 10 appears to be followed by page 13 in Writing Magazine, it's because page 11 has been wrongly numbered. WM obviously isn't superstitious!
  • Of course, I do realize that 13 does, in a general sense, follow 10. But not usually so closely.
  • Well done, Jay!
  • Writing Magazine's letters page 9 mentions "Borders, Smiths and Waterstone's". Didn't something happen to one of them?
  • In the UK yes, but they are still in the US I think.
  • Only just looked at my copy and I read the Gervaise Phinn article because I am going to see him tonight. I hadn't heard of him but a couple of people read some of his work at my writing group. This led to a group of us booking tickets as he is playing in Bridlington tonight.

    Mentioned it to my parents who had heard him on the radio over the years (big Radio 4 listeners) so I shall be intersted to see what the show is like.
  • Carol the other TBer was in WN. I think Kateyanne probably saw the same one
  • Yeah he lights up the page.
  • [quote=Jay Mandal]it's because page 11 has been wrongly numbered[/quote]
    That's actually intentional Jay - p11 is "Turning the Pages" - but I've not been entirely comfortable with it myself, think it's the designers being a bit too clever!
  • [quote=dora]My children were interested to see Derek Landy on the front, author of Skulduggery Pleasant. We have all those books. [/quote]

    Me too, I enjoyed that article.

    I'm not a fan of Phinn, though!
  • I haven't received my copy this month, if not in the post when I get home tonight will have to send an email.
  • Yes one of my sons loves the Skullduggery books and read the article with interest.
  • http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/index.html

    Thanks, Webbo, for this little gem (Writers' News, page 21 www.phrases.org.uk ).
  • edited November 2010
    Who else misread "The International Rubery Book Award" on page 31 of Writers' News?
  • finally received my copy will try and read tonight
  • Just spotted my name on page 4 of WN. I got an honourable mention in the Milton Keynes short story competition. Not mentioned is the fact that the organisers sent me a family season ticket to Bletchley Park. I'm looking forward to using it and maybe finding inspiration for another story and/or article.
  • I spotted that as we were doing the story Montholon - well done, and nice to get the free ticket too!
  • MN - Well done on the hon. mention! And how nice to have an unexpected bonus.
  • Well done Montholon
  • Congratulations Montholon- good prize too, considering.
  • Yay, well done Montholon. Good 'silent' prize - except we've all shouted about it now!
  • I'm in it too. I'm the paper it was made from. My mate is the ink.
  • Thanks, everyone. The story was fun to write, especially as I'd never visited Milton Keynes!
  • edited November 2010
    There's still another Tber who is in WN.
  • come on, TBer,own up!
  • Congratulations, Jay! I read it whilst we were at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival last weekend.
  • Nor have I!
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