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My Aunt is 100 years old today!

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My Auntie Ena , my mum's sister, is 100 years old today. My mum is 89 this year.


  • Wow! Has she had her telegram from the Queen?
  • Not sure will check later. She lives in Cornwall in a care home, my cousin her son lives near her.
    The care home are doing a small party for her and I expect it will be presented then.
  • Happy Birthday, Auntie Ena. There was an article in the Mail yesterday about living to 100 and beyond.
  • congratulations to your aunt, KA! I want to get there ... 100 I mean!
  • And I most certainly do NOT want to get to 100.
    Congratulations, Auntie Ena!
  • Not sure I want to live that long either only if I am healthy and have all my faculties.
    Susie is this the article?
  • Well done, Auntie Ena! Happy Birthday.
  • I want to live that long to prove to everyone I am not a walking wreck...
  • Happy Birthday to Kateyanne's Auntie Ena!!
  • Happy Birthday to your Aunt Ena.
  • Happy Birthday to her. Any hints as to how to live that long from her?
  • Happy birthday to your Auntie Ena - it brought back memories (very fond ones) of my own Aunty Ena who I used to cycle to see regularly when I was a kid.
  • Was that about 100 years ago Mutley?
  • What a wonderful day for her and your family!
  • That's the one Kateyanne. I have a book called Live to be 100 and enjoy it. The author was 96 when he wrote it.
  • Happy birthday to your aunt! I think that's quite an accomplishment.
  • Your auntie Ena was born on a day of notoriety - the siege of Sidney Street no less, 2nd Jan 1911.


    Happy birthday to her.
  • My aunt was a single mum, which was quite something back then. She had an affair with a married man, he had a sick wife, he said he was going to leave her to marry my aunt but didn't. She was sent away by my gran to have her baby.Her mum, my gran eventually forgave her. Later the child, my cousin was sent away to boarding school while my aunt worked for the civil service in London.
  • I read the article, got half way down and read Faringdon, Oxfordsher, Ferundune care home and stopped there for a moment. My (ex) father in law is in there ... and the place is allegedly diabolical, everyone drugged to the eyeballs, he certainly is, being given medication for Parkinsons when he has never been certified as having it ...because it keeps him quiet. (he is a dementia sufferer. 90 years old. Blind, almost deaf and physically falling apart.) I wondered how the interviewer had a reasonable conversation with George.
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    A lady of 108 was interviewed in the BBC news a couple of days ago, with her daughter in her 80s. The article went on to talk about financing longevity and it transpired that already there are more than 10,000 centenarians in the UK. That's a lot of telegrams from the Royal Pleasure.

    A happy birthday to your Auntie Ena, Kateyanne.
  • Happy birthday, Aunt Ena.
  • Congratulations and very happy birthday to your Auntie, kateyanne
  • A hearty congrats to your aunt - absolutely wonderful. My aunt, mum's sister will be ninety a week today, quite remarkable considering she had rheumatic fever and chorea which affected her heart, also some of the problems she experienced since then
  • Congrats to your aunt, Kateyanne. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy birthday to Aunt Ena!
  • My aunt is 101 today!
  • That's great, Kateyanne. Wishing your aunt another very Happy Birthday and a year of happiness and good health.
  • A very happy birthday to your aunt, Kateyanne. And many more.
  • Hurray for Aunty Ena

    Here's to the next 100 years

  • Room 101 .... Help!
    Well done, Auntie Ena
    I don't want to compete. Ever.
  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Aunt Ena.
  • Blimey, that's a big number. Congrats to her.
  • Congratulations Auntie Ena!
  • Wow. Hope you follow in her footsteps kateyanne! Happy birthday to her!
  • Thats great dose she tell you lots of tales from when she was little?
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    She used to when she lived near me, Elizabeth but then she went to live near her son, my cousin, in Cornwall and in a care home.
    I wrote up a lot of her memories and have an exercise book full.
  • Thats what i wanted my nana to do before she passed away but as far as i know she never did :-(
  • Three cheers for aunty Ena.
  • She is 102 today!
  • Happy birthday Auntie Ena.
    I only want to make it to 100 if I'm fit enough to enjoy it!
  • [quote=Lizy]I only want to make it to 100 if I'm fit enough to enjoy it![/quote] Me too.

    Hope your aunt has a nice day, Nefertari.
  • Wowee!

    What an incredible age.

    I hope Auntie Ena is well and enjoys her day!
  • Hope she has a good day.
  • Well done Auntie Ena !

    I had a great-aunt who made it to 100. Her sister, my grandmother made 98, my mother 97 and her sister, my aunt, 99.

    None of these ladies topped five feet in height, but they were all extremely fearsome.My elder daughter seems to have inherited the height/terror factor combination. I'm sure I shall soon be in a home.
  • Congratulations again to Aunt Ena!
    Why aren't children called Ena any more?
    SM, pedal faster! They've got to catch you first.
  • Congratulations to Aunt Ena.

    Courtesy of Ken Dodd at the Liverpool Philharmonic last week:

    Doctor, I want to live to be 100.

    Do you smoke?


    Do you drink?


    Are you sexually active?


    Why do you want to live to be 100?
  • Happy Birthday Aunt Ena. Congratulations!
  • Ah, I missed this thread two years running.
    Happy Birthday to your Aunt Ena - what an amazing age!
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