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Does anyone else watch this? I can't believe it, Joseph left this week!


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    Sob... I'll miss him.

    Hope Petrenko gets her F1 post - she's a great character.
  • There's no eye candy now...
    yes I like Petrenko too.
  • I would like to watch this Kateyanne, but am so busy at that time don't see much TV in the evenings. I have caught it once or twice and enjoyed it though.

    Which one was Joseph? Was he that dark haired surgeon chappie?

    Is it Holby or Casualty that Leanne Batterby's sister is in? Only, does anyone remember she tried to commit suicide once (in the programme, not real life)
  • It's Casualty. And aren't they step-sisters?
  • Oooo! Get you missus.

    So what if they are huh huh huh?
  • No big deal, just explains why she didn't care enough to visit Leanne after the accident.

    And I don't even watch these programmes!
  • Yes well I suppose the same could be said of Leanne, not visiting her after she tried to kill herself.

    Tsk, the scriptwriters really need to get their storylines in order me thinks.
  • Yes Dora Joseph was the dark haired broody surgeon. He's been in it a while.
    I don't get to watch Casualty much but I did see Leanne's sister in it once or rather step sister.
  • Awwwwwwwww yes he was gorgeous. Can see why you're upset about him leaving.

    I'M upset about him leaving.

    Still, he'll probably turn up when you least expect it Kateyanne, in something else.
  • Now did I tell you about the time I was rushed into Holby? They sliced off my right arm instead of the left. Afterwards the sugeon said, 'No arm done'.
  • "groan"

    actually, I think I may have a case of mistaken identity, Kateyanne

    I was thinking of Adam Trueman in Casualty. Now THAT is eye candy.

    Always thought Joseph not of as "brooding" but a bit wimpy. :) Sorry.
  • Joseph had an unfortunate tendency to occasionally look a bit like Tony Blair (in his youth...) Apart from that, he was lovely and not at all wimpy!
  • :) That's okay

    You two can drool over Joseph, leaving all the yummy Adam Trueman for me :)
  • Watch Casualty and Holby, love them both. Yes also sad he has gone. but Adam is still there and soooo oooohhhhh.
  • Holby is my favourite programme, and the actor playing Joseph has left to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
  • I thought they'd already filmed that.
  • So that's where he's off to. Thanks Viv. Johnnny Depp and Joseph what more could I want ah yes Sean Bean and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, both of whom would make great pirates.
  • yes, tis a shame he's gone = why didn't they get rid of hatchet face, sorry, the woman doc who slept with his dad whilst going out with him and now wants him again. She drives me mad. Hope Petrenko does get her F1. Glad someone has seen the light over Dr valentine (Male)
  • I'm sorry for Boy Valentine - they've made him dopey recently but he never used to be.
  • he was always a bit of a lazy git though.
  • He was quite clever at first I thought and his sister wasn't, they've reversed roles.
    I like Jac!
  • It's one of those weird twin things (I think they are twins?)

    I can't make my mind up about Jac, but have liked her more since that sad business with her mum.
  • I like Donna too. Shame she found a man to love only to lose him to Afghanistan. Do you think he will come back and they will get it together?
  • I like Donna. She's grown on me over the years. Still don't like Jac. even with that business with her mum, she's still such a cold fish.

    And will you lot look at us. We're talking as though they are real people. It's a FICTIONAL TV series!!!!!
  • No!! You mean it's not real? I feel horribly cheated now.
    I used to like the other doctor played by Tom Chambers who won Strictly after he left Holby. He had a baby with Connie then fell for the nice little nurse with the curly ginger hair - Donna's best mate.
    And I love Eliot Hope, but they seem to be marginalising him, ready for redundancy. Get rid of that awful tall streak of coldness and arrogance who's in charge now - I can't stand him at all.
  • [quote=Viv]No!! You mean it's not real? I feel horribly cheated now[/quote]

    Fraid not. It's the creation of some subversive beings who do something called (I'll have to whisper this) writing!!!! *goes to wash mouth out with carbolic soap*

    I liked the doc you mean, but he got cancer. Don't know what happened to Marie (donna's best mate) MIss her. she was good. Yes the new director of surgery is very cold, but he's a good replacement for Connie. I like elliot, too.
  • Mark has left now! Who will be left?
  • oh no! I missed that bit last night, as my brother came round. I'll have to watch it online now!
  • Every week lately seems to be spent deciding who should lose their jobs to save costs- what surgeons should go etc.
  • Just like real life then...;)
  • absolutely!
  • And when they resign they always leave right away. Nobody ever has to work out a months notice or anything sensible like that. As if a hospital could function with CEOs, consultants and docs just walking out like that.
  • I think the writing of the episodes of Holby has got better and better lately. The Seb storyline has been riveting, and well acted by the guy who played Seb. I was crying last night...
    And I am liking Jack Naylor's storyline with her being pregnant now. She is my fav character.
  • Holby has always been good. However, a friend who is a nurse at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital has said that if a real life hospital had that many power struggles, it could not operate successfully.
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