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A nice surprise on my birthday a book made the top ten in Earlyworks comp

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I had an email to say my book for children made the top ten in their recent competition and I win a signed book from one of the author judges.
And it's my birthday today too so that's brill!
They said my book proved attractive to the readers and there is feedback for me to consider to revise and then try with agencies. So I will!


  • Happy Birthday and congratulations! Double celebration now :-)
    Also good about the positive feedback too.
  • Great feedback and great news. Congratulations and a happy birthday too.

    Good luck with the revision Kateyanne and I hope you find an agent who'll take you on.
  • That's brilliant, kateyanne.
  • Well done and Happy Birthday! :)
  • A Two in One celebration - well done
  • Happy Birthday, Kateyanne.

    I think I'm allowed to say Congrats, because I wasn't involved in the final judging...
  • Well done and happy birthday.
  • [quote=SilentTony]
    Good luck with the revision Kateyanne and I hope you find an agent who'll take you on.[/quote]


    congratulations Kateyanne and Happy Birthday (I'll send Joseph round to give you a celebratory kiss :) )

  • Yes please, Dora, if he's not available Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Sean Bean will do!
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne.
  • Wow! Brilliant kateyanne, congratulations! (And happy birthday again!)
  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  • Well done, Kateyanne and Many Happy Returns. Hope you have a lovely day.
  • Happy Birthday. And well done on the book and it will be great to have that sort of feedback.
  • Happy Birthday! and congratulations!
  • "gasp"

    you can't have Sean! he's all mine
  • [quote=kateyanne]And it's my birthday today too so that's brill![/quote]

    Happy Birthday!

    Celebrated mine earlier in the week, a friend's yesterday and yours today! Anyone filling the 14th?
  • A belated happy birthday BB. Capricorns are the best!
  • Happy Birthday and congratulations
  • Well done, kateyanne and Happy Birthday !
  • Oh well done and Happy Birthday too :)
  • Fantastic, Kateyanne, big WELL DONE, and Happy Birthday too.
  • edited January 2011
    Many congratulations, Kateyanne - and a very Happy Birthday too!

    [quote=Baggy Books]Anyone filling the 14th?[/quote]

    Yup - it's mine today (8am on Friday morning here). But I don't want to highjack Kateyanne's thread!
  • happy birthday Claudia!
  • Happy Birthday, Claudia !
    (don't we have a birthday thread ? )
  • Thanks, but seriously - I don't want this to turn into a Happy Birthday, Claudia thread - not fair on Kateyanne.
  • edited January 2011
    I don't mind, Claudia! Happy birthday, another Capricorn hurrah!
  • Happy Birthday - and congratulations on your win and encouraging feedback.
  • Hippo Birdies all round
    WELL DONE that KateyAnne woman! Not just a poet but a YA author too - there's a chink of light there, KA, go open it right up!
    Good luck
  • Happy birthday, Kateyanne! :D
  • Congratulations kateyanne - you are truly on a (very talented) roll. And happy birthday to both you and Claudia too!
  • Happy Birthday and congratulations!
  • Congratulations!! :D I had commented on facebook but it seems to have disappeared so I shall try here instead.
  • That is really good news. And a belated happy birthday too.
  • Hurray! Congratulations! What a nice birthday present too! Enjoy your celebrations!
  • Hope you had a happy birthday, made even better with your good news
  • Happy birthday and congratulations on the book news.
  • Happy Birthday to all.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne and Happy Birthday!
  • That's great, Kateyanne. Belated birthday greetings.
  • Well done, Kateyanne. Sounds like a great birthday!
  • What great news Kateyanne - well done.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne and belated happy birthday.
  • Well done & happy birthday!
  • Results are up now on the site and some interesting info about writing children's books.
  • Good to see another TBer mentioned in the Highly Commended section.
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