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Self v mainstream publishing comment

edited January 2011 in - Writing Tales
in the front of the book Sign Of The Cross by Chris Kuzneski (Penguin 2006)
the author says:
Professionally, I'd like to thank Scott Miller, my agent at Trident Media. How we teamed up is a remarkable story. he bought a self-published copy of The Plantation, (my first Payne and Jones novel) in a Philadelphia bookstore and liked it enough to email me. At the time, I had a folder with over one hundred rejection letters from literary agents, yet the best young agent in the business bought my book (at full price) and contacted me. Not only did I get a royalty from his book sale, but I also got the perfect agent. Amazing!

Sometimes you just get lucky, don't you??????


  • I have read nearly all Chris Kuzneski books , and they are really good have got his latest one ready to read on the shelf. Luck has played a part for him, but he`s also a good writer. It might happen to some of us one day , fingers crossed
  • Siobhan Curran's self-published book Dear Dylan won The Young Minds Book Award. Since then she's got an agent and a two book contract with Lemony Snickett's publishers (following a publishing auction). Not just luck - lots of hard work involved and a roller-coaster of disappointments. Still - a happy ending. (She's in WF this month. Sorry Webbo)
  • yes, you have to be a good writer too, something we are all working hard at! But what luck!
  • How wonderful. Sounds like he finally got the break he deserved.
  • Proves that even sellable writers get rejected...
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