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Creative Cafe / Cafe Lit Project - I'm in there !

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I am having a short story published here !


The story "Dreaming" will be online hopefully Wednesday and the printed version will be in the cafes soon. An extract is on my website so had better update it.

Have been on a bit of a low lately (see this mornings post on Writing in the second person ;) ) so excuse me for promoting myself about this, but it's done me a lot of good !
Wish there was a Creative Cafe near me. Is there one near you ?


  • Manchester's got two!

    Well done, Lexia!
  • Dunno about Bristol. I wonder if there is? Well done Lexia!!
  • Well done Lexia, this is a great boost for you.
  • That's great news. Don't think we have one near us although there might be one in Brighton?
  • Wonderful, well done.
  • Congratulations Lexia; it sounds like a great idea!
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    The Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor
    The Nexus Art Cafe, Manch
    Kog Cafe Project Glasgow
    The Angel Cafe Salford
    Ordsall Community Cafe
    The Eight Day Cafe, Manch
    The Walk Caf
  • i wonder how you start one?
  • great news, Lexia!
  • Yes we have one and our writing group has been invited, its in Gosport, unfortunatly due to some familly problems I cant go, but hope every one that does go to any have a good time.
  • Well done, Lexia

    quote=Jennymf] its in Gosport[/quote] That's near me - do you have a link or further details?
  • no but I can find out for you give me a little while and I will sort it
  • Congratulations, Lexia! And what a wonderful idea. Wish there was one near me.
  • http://creativecafeproject.co.uk/SubmissionGuidelines.aspx

    Interesting - an anthology with the chance of payment.
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    Hi PM here is the info on the Gosport Cafe Lit also this , hope it helps.
    http://www3.hants.gov.uk/gdc/gdc-events-detail.htm?id=102369 email and phone number if you need it 01962 853007
    [email protected], February 25, 2011 5:58 PM
    Subject: Literary Cafe at Gosport Discovery Centre, Thursday 3rd March
    Dear writer,
    You may already have received from Angela Hicken, Literature Officer for Hampshire, some information about the Literary Cafe at Gosport Discovery Centre on Thursday 3rd March. I am emailing you also to ask if you wouldn't mind passing details of the event on to members of your writing group, who may be interested in reading at it, or coming to listen. We hope it will be a friendly gathering for writers to share their work with an appreciative audience, or to enjoy hearing a range of work.
    The details are at http://www3.hants.gov.uk/gdc/gdc-events-detail.htm?id=102369. If you or another member of your group would like to read, we would be delighted to book you a slot - Gosport Discovery Centre are hoping that this will become a regular event for writers to share their work and meet each other, so it would be wonderful if you are able to support it!
    Kind regards,
    Brian Evans-Jones (on behalf of Gosport Discovery Centre).
  • Anyone know if it's OK to post details on this thread? It's not a private forum. Will someone be inundated with spam?
  • Good stuff, you guys!
  • [quote=Liz!]i wonder how you start one?[/quote]

    Details on the link, Liz

    What do you mean Jay, "it's not a private forum" ?
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    The category Writing Tales can be picked up by Google - and, presumably, spammers. Some categories are private (see top of threads).
  • The website Jennymf has posted links to is also open and could be picked up be Google, so I can't see there's a problem.
  • Hmmm, there really should be one in Bristol. To start one it sounds as though you have to be a caf
  • sorry hope I didn`t do something I should not have done, its general newsI think all I did was cut and paste email sent to me .
  • Maybe Jay was concerned the phone number might be someone's personal one?
  • ok , I have deleted his phone number and email address, does that make it a bit better?
  • Well done again, Lexia :)
  • Well done, Lexia!
  • Well done, Lexia.
  • No idea where the one in Nottingham is...
  • http://creativecafeproject.co.uk/Dreaming.aspx

    My story on the website now and in print shortly.
    (there's a couple of editing errors on it which I am trying to get altered)
  • Well done, Lexie!
  • edited March 2011
    [quote=Carol]No idea where the one in Nottingham is...[/quote]


    Looks fantastic. Am going to see if I can pay a visit though it's a bit of a run from here.

    "A note for your diaries – the next Walk Cafe Book Club will be getting together on Thursday March 31st from 6.30pm. Remember everyone is welcome and entrance is free"
  • Loved the story, Lexia.
  • Congratulations Lexia. Sounds like a boost just when you needed one.
  • did you go to Gosport Phots Moll ?
  • I have emailed them jenny, asking if they could give me some info on how they started up and how it's going now etc.

    I had a phone call from Gill James, the "visionary" behind the idea and am raring to go (small style) in a town near me !
    Hopefully with the support of Rotherham Community Arts.
  • sound a good project to get started
  • Liked the story, Lexia.
  • I have a story on there, now.
    Thanks so much for the link, Lexia.

    ...a great voice...no edits needed... said the editor


  • Nice one, Bill.
  • well done, you should be proud of yourself :)
  • great news, Bill!
  • Congratulations, Bill. Also congrats to you,too, Lexia, as I've only just seen this thread.
  • I've got a story in there too! http://creativecafeproject.co.uk/EverDecreasingCircles.aspx

    (If you recognise it, that's because it was a one word challenge story)
  • Well done!
  • saw it yesterday. Well done!
  • well done Bill and PM
  • Thanks Lexia I now know where it's likely to be- down a road a rarely use, which is why I've not seen it before. :)

    Well done Bill and PM.
  • Congratulations Bill and Phot's Moll!
  • Congrats bill and congrats Phots Moll !

    Just back on here ... and desperately trying to catch up !
  • congrats, Bill and PM!
    Lexia, don't push yourself too hard.
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