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Let's take each other on at "syllogisms" !

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Have just been watching an old QI prog where Fry said Jo Brand made a "false syllogism".

I was aware of the concept but not of the title, so thought we could have a go at producing some - and deciding if they are false or not.

I'll start with the classic (pinched from Wikipedia as my powers of logic are failing right now)

All dogs have 4 legs.
My cat has 4 legs.
Therefore my cat is a dog.


  • Did this a while ago :)

  • Oh... er, sorry 'bout that ...

    Seems like you are the champ of all champs at this BR, so I bow to your syllogismic knowledge !

    I learned a new word today, anyway :)
  • Bah! I just steal them off the net.
    But a net is holy.
    So I steal from God? AGH!
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    At one of my many jobs someone asked me to complete a form and send it somewhere so he could receive something from someone. (Sorry to be so vague, but it was a long time ago!).

    The form asked for his job title but when I asked him what it was he said he didn't really have one. I'd just discovered syllogisms so I made up a job title for him ... and it was mildly entertaining when he received a letter addressed to Mr J... C..., Chief Syllogist!

    (The only other thing I remember about Mr J... C... is that one day he forgot his desk had been moved away from the wall and tipped his chair back as he was wont to do, with the obvious result. Exciting times.)
  • your job description reminds me of the one that I always wanted to put on forms, when I was bringing up the kids - Domestic Management Executive - in fact, now I'm unemployed I may start to use it!
  • That sounds very impressive!
  • Bringing up kids *is* impressive.
  • Excuse me Jenny somebody or other, you'r not talking about THE Mr JC are you?
  • Well sureley HE would have known his job description?
  • edited March 2011
    [quote=dora]you'r not talking about THE Mr JC are you?[/quote]

    [quote=Lolli]Well sureley HE would have known his job description? [/quote]


    I think that Mr JC would have been more careful about what he did with his chair!

    (Unless of course you're referring to Jim Callaghan, one-time PM!)
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