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edited May 2011 in - Writing Tales
this has been sent to me its a silly little competition for anyone to enter who lives within the Southampton/ Portsmouth area or who can get Wave 105 radio.
just go to www.wave105.com/recycle. Its a writing comp 1000 words could be done for fun. I am going to have a go.
Not sure if writing tales was the correct department.


  • PM and a few others probably qualify on location grounds.
  • My entry is already in!
  • I am writing mine this afternoon, made loads of notes this morning. Did you send it in as an attachment PM?
  • Yes, I did. Rules are a bit vague, aren't they?
  • Good luck, PM, Jennymf and any others who enter for this.
  • Yes the rules are vague. Have included the title in the 1k word count as well, finished my tale so good luck PM as well
  • And to you, Jenny.

    Mine was just under the 1,000. It's a bit daft (I was going for funny, but I think daft is probably more accurate)
  • I managed 1k including the title, might change one name in it. I went for funny/daft as well and made it all about Herb the rat . I hate rats as well .It was just a bit of fun really to enter .
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