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Sloppy writing in WM



  • [quote=Lolli]I had a nightly date with a tin of Vaseline and a tube of Germoloids.[/quote]
    An amorous married couple I once knew confessed to me they had mixed up a jar of vaseline with a jar of Deep Heat - with painful results! Not good.

    [quote=Jay Mandal]pussy sores [/quote]
    [quote=Carol]Well I was too polite to suggest the thing most people would have thought... [/quote]
    Hmm...and a good thing too, Carol. I guess I'm now officially known as "most people". (IG slinks away red-faced)
  • Jay, have you started hunting in July's mags yet? The first one is in the editor's letter right at the start : Keep up posted.
  • :)

    It wasn't within an ad on Viagra was it, Viv?
  • Haven't found much in July's, but I haven't finished reading it yet. Not that I read from cover to cover.
  • [quote=Viv]Jay, have you started hunting in July's mags yet? The first one is in the editor's letter right at the start : Keep up posted.[/quote]
    I saw that one. It made me smile!
  • Hope you all enjoy this. I received an answer from a member of the Writers' News staff in which she asked me to -
    'bare with' her - ie take off my clothes with her. It should, of course have been bear with me'. I thought that was damn poor coming from someone who works for such a publication.
  • Which section of the magazine was it?
  • edited October 2013
    It was on a private email Carol.

    Crazylady, I'm sorry you were disappointed to receive that. Obviously we do try to uphold the highest standards, but we're all human, and mistakes do happen. That said, the staff member concerned, who isn't on the editorial staff, now feels suitably embarrassed at the slip.
  • [quote=crazylady]'bare with' her - ie take off my clothes with her. [/quote]

  • Thanks, Webbo.

    Knowing you aim for high standards, I thought it might have been a 'Warner' end that did it- hence my question. :)
  • [quote=crazylady]Hope you all enjoy this. [/quote]

    Hmmm, I have to admit that I very often transpose letters within words and rely on picking them up at the checking/editing stage,it's easily done. But then, I'm a geriatric and little else is expected of me. Not totally sure that I would be comfortable with having my error shared with the world, especially as it was made on a private communication.
  • We know you are discreet SM...:)
  • It happens to us all.

    Personally I'm always up for baring anything and everything.

  • The more we share, the more we become aware...
  • Screens Matron! ;)
  • edited October 2013
    Aye, accidents dooooooooooooooooo happen

  • Thanks Webbo. You will notice that I didn't name the person who wanted me to bare with her. It gave me a laugh, still does.
  • I'm keeping well dressed this chilly weather. All that aside, the naked truth (thought you'd like the play on words) is that I look forward to WN and WM every month, and I'm always surprised how much information, articles, and so on, you manage to cram into WN and WM. Lots of hard work going on behind the scenes. Keep it up.
  • Used crazylady's experience for this morning's tweet:

    Confusing bear with bare will leave your character naked with embarrassment. Save your blushes & have your book proofread!

    Already it's gone global!
  • Ha, ha, Baggy Books; you gave me an early morning smile.
  • I wonder what would happen if you'd dropped the first 'r' in proofread.

  • Not as much as if you dropped the second.


    Anything that sounds like feed or food can't be wrong.
  • Sounds too much like a supplement or something you'd sprinkle in your fish tank.
  • Fish?



    Fash tinks - that would sell.
  • Fash tinks?

    Sounds like something you'd buy at the chemist.
  • I've got a fish tank outside in me garden amongst t'other stuff.

    It used to be inside until the fish died.

    Long story.
  • I don't have a mattress in my garden, btw.
  • *wonders where I'd sleep*
  • [quote=dora]I don't have a mattress in my garden, btw.[/quote]

    But do you have a sofa?
  • *gasps*

    Sofas! Now you're talking!
  • I have two sofas in the lounge diner, and one in the front room (the library, office, kid's spill over room, my sanctuary when they've got all their friends around)

    But none in the garden.

    I do have a swing seat in the garden.
  • [quote=dora]I do have a swing seat in the garden.[/quote]

    Are you telling us you're a swinger, dear Dora?

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