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Who's in August 2011's magazines due out soon?

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Who’s in August 2011’s magazines? The magazines probably won’t be out for a few days so DON’T EXPECT THEM JUST YET.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give the ending away.


  • I'm sure I only just got July's issue two weeks ago, Jay - and with the strike on Thursday in the UK, anything could be delayed. Funny how it takes weeks to recover from one day's stoppages.
  • Well it's not due until the 7th July this time, so hopefully it won't get caught up in any delays.
  • The time goes so fast. I saw WF in the shop last week and realised I hadn't received my July copy. I emailed WF and it came the next day. The day after that my usual August copy came.
  • [quote=bertiebear]Funny how it takes weeks to recover from one day's stoppages. [/quote]

    Yes I feel like that till New Year after having over indulged on Christmas Day.
  • Cripes I havent even finished reading last months!
  • Mine has just arrived; a day before it is due!
  • Mine, too!
  • Mine has arrived too.
    I've already seen a TB name in the letters page.
  • I got mine today. Lots of good stuff, incl. interview with one of my fave authors, Wilbur Smith.
  • Got mine today I think there is an article in there from someone on here , not sure . Need to read it a bit more in depth
  • Mine arrived today. Only had time for a quick scan. Will read in mire depth tonight.
  • In the mire, then?
  • Oops! Will read in more depth tonight.
  • I have mine seen two talkback names so far.
  • Got home to find mine on the rug. Still haven't finished last month's so had better get a scoot on.

    I want to enter a WN comp, and to register online you need your Subscriber number (which of course, I'd forgotten). I thought, I know - I'll wait until the next WM/WN arrives and I'll get it from the plastic envelope. So what did I do? Totally forgot, threw it in the bin, and had to retrieve it just now - fortunately not too slimy.
  • Oooh good thinking, Lily - must retrieve mine! Oh no - my other half has emptied the bin.... Hasty rush to outside dustbin to dig it out....
  • Just looked and there's a piece about me in the members' section on page 17.

    P.S Is anyone else finding it difficult to sleep in this heat? I'm writing this at 1am.
  • I saw you well done!
  • I read your article Jenthom . Well done.
  • Well done Jenthom.
  • Congrats, Jenthom, and best of luck with submitting Vile City.
  • Well done Jenthom!
  • Sought page 17 out and read the article. Really interesting - well done Jen!
  • [quote=Jennymf]I read your article Jenthom . Well done. [/quote]
    ditto :)
  • Just bought it from WH Smith, and flicked to the letters page. They published my letter {caused a little scene in WHSmith] :D
  • Well done Stirling- you cause a scene? ;)
  • Well done Jenthom. I must open mine.
  • Well done, Stirling!
  • Congratulations Stirling. I'm going to look for it now.
  • [quote=Carol]Well done Stirling- you cause a scene? [/quote]

    Let's just say I woke a few people up. :D
  • Thanks everybody. I'm going to have to tear Vile City apart I'm afraid Rosalie as I've decided to refocus it so it stands out more and increases my chance of getting published. Another author edited it for me and tore it apart. I wept when I saw all the things they'd pointed out.
  • Well done, Jenthom and Stirling.

    Webbo, I noticed it says "Your essential guide to publication" on the cover. I was just wondering if you'd thought about running a guide to punctuation?
  • Not a bad idea Jay. We tend to work on writing as the stringing together of words, and assume (perhaps incorrectly) that all our readers have the foundation skills, but perhaps we do need to go back to basics a bit more. Maybe we'll start with the Oxford comma!
  • I thought I'd mention that I own a copy of 'Write Right'. This was the first book on writing to be published in association with Writers' News. I don't know if it is still in print, but it is well worth having.
  • I think there are punctuation things we all have issues with, and I know a few people in the writers club who would find something like that useful and would benefit their writing- I'm sure they are not alone in this, Webbo.
  • I stopped my direct debit for it and now just go in to town and buy it.
  • I would welcome any guide on punctuation.
  • So much has changed too. Some rules that were set in the last century are no longer as rigid.

    Plus we have the American spelling issue-words we'd use z but the US uses s. As so many writers are getting published outside of the UK. The spelling issue is a subject by itself.
  • My magazine came in the mail today. I opened it to a random page and a photo of myself stared back at me! A piece about my picture book is in the member's news section, 'A world of animals' they called it :) A very lovely surprise!
  • Congratulations Grimmy. :)
  • well done Grimmy!
  • I thought that piece rang a bell, Grimmy! Hope it gets you some good publicity.
  • edited July 2011
    Just read the article, Grimmy. Best of luck with your book!
  • That's great Grimmy.
  • Congrats, Grimmy, and to everyone else in this month's copy.

    Stirling, I wondered whether that letter was you!
  • Congratulations, Grimmy!
  • I'm in the current Writers' Forum - letters page.
  • pbwpbw
    edited July 2011
    [quote=Jennymf]I would welcome any guide on punctuation. [/quote]
    Me too.

    I look forward to my copy arriving.
  • well done BB saw that.
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