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We have a cover!

edited June 2011 in - Writing Tales
There's now a cover shown on both Amazon.com and UK for Best Gay Romance 2012:



  • Brilliant, well done.
  • oooh nice covers Jay! Very sexy.
  • Lovely, Jay - a very peaceful photo, somehow.
  • Lovely sensual cover.

    I have my Dictionary with me today.
  • Another good cover, Jay.
  • Very stylish cover, I like it.
  • Lovely photo. Brilliant cover.
  • Oooh, I like it better than the others. It looks more...real. Fantastic, Jay!
  • I like it better than the others too.
    'Romance' doesn't have to mean showing as much body as possible ! ;)

    Is one guy the same model as the 2006 one ? If not he looks very similar.
  • Love the photograph. It really conveys love.
  • Yes, like this cover - there's something about it: loving and gentle. I don't like the 2011 cover - no subtlety.
  • That's a lovely cover. Very sensual.
  • That's a good cover Jay, is that colour sepia?
  • Great cover!
  • edited June 2011



    I don't think it's the person from the 2006 cover, Lexia. The colours are muted, Kangaroo - not sure it's sepia, though.

    What do other people think?
  • I think that's a great cover - it draws you in.
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