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Subsscription to WN only?

edited June 2011 in - WM and WN
Is it now no longer possible to JUST have Writers News? I never much cared fro the Writing Magazine and I don't really want to HAVE to buy it to get the really rather superior Writers News.


  • They are now stapled together. I'm not keen on it.
  • Thing is though, if you're a member and your product is advertised in "Members News" in Writers' News, it now gets to a wider audience. Isn't that a good thing or have I got the wrong idea of the stick?
  • WM and WN have been one publication since the February issue, Randomguy, and it's proved very popular, though inevitably there are some people who preferred the old format. But Dora is absolutely right - members' stories in WN now get to a 20,000 readership - so a great increase in terms of publicity. Hope you carry on enjoying WN, RG
  • Ah, finally found my way back to talkback.... Seemed to have moved while I wasn't looking.

    So is the WNews included with the Wmonthly that's available (sometimes) in WHSmiths? If so I can stop all this faffing about with subscriptions and just buy them monthly.
  • Yes WN is now included with WM in the shops RG.
  • It might cost you more that way RG.
  • edited August 2011
    Didn't someone ask why it was MORE expensive to buy with a subscription?
  • It was more expensive Jay, to some people paying once a year than to others who let their subs run out every three months
    Ithink, and it seemed odd why those paying once a year, or even by Direct Debit, were being asked to pay more when their subs would have resulted in less admin work than those paying three monthly
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