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The poem that put Bahrain poet in jail

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Perhaps not a very long step until we are in the same position - unless our government changes it's mindset and our culture becomes more honest and open.



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    You're right Lexia, not long before we sing the same song. I know people will laugh at the thought of that claiming we are a free and wealthy society. Yet we are being imprisoned by poverty, unemployment, security of health care, removal of eduction as a means of social mobility and a closing in of the media. It is a framework that has denigrated and held down people across the world for centuries and we are following the same example here and now.

    Make them dependent upon the powerful while the powerful remove more and more of their security. Fear and dependency are the key to make the rich richer and transform the powerful into gods. Maybe this phone hacking will stall the power of the people being hushed, at least for now. We need to remain cautious we can't allow those who have thumb prints on the mute button of the nation to have the strength to push it any time soon.
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