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Who's in November 2011's magazines due out 6th October?

edited October 2011 in - WM and WN
It's 3rd October, and I've just received my copy!

Who’s in November 2011’s magazines? The magazines probably won’t be out until Thursday 6th October so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • Yes got mine too. I am shortlisted in the adult fairy story comp on page 29 of WM. First time I have entered a short story to WM.
  • Just received my copy! No time to look through it yet. Will do this evening. Well done Kateyanne.
  • Well done, Kateyanne! Looking forward to reading the magazine.
  • Yes mine arrived too.
    Well done Kateyanne.
    Saw a name I recognised elsewhere too.
  • I've just got mine too - they must have posted early.
  • Well done Kateyanne.

    My copy arrived today. I enjoyed the adult fairy story.

    I like the changes to the page design, especially to the Contents Section - easier to find your way round.

    Several articles on 'rejection' in this issue. Hope that is not the shape of things to come!
  • Well done Kateyanne. Just got mine, too.
  • Sad to hear about Michael Legat. I enjoyed his items, and I still have a couple of his books.

    Yes the contents section reads much better. Congratulation to the Ed.
  • Well done Katyanne , not got mine yet its always late anyway
  • Mine's arrived; well done Kateyanne!
  • Ooh, Kateyanne! Can't wait to read it. Well done!
  • Anna my story is not in the magazine as it was shortlisted , only the winner is in there and the runner up on the web site.
  • Awww. Forgot that, in my excitement. :(

    Don't suppose you'd e-mail it to me, would you? I'd love to see it.
  • Well done Katyanne. My EBook, So You Want to be a Freelance Writer is featured in the members' new section.
  • Well done Kateyanne.
  • I saw you, Midia, well done.
  • Well done, KA, third string to your bow - poems, YA, and now short stories, good for you
    well done also Midia too
  • Congrats Kateyanne and Midia.
  • Congrats on getting shortlisted kateyanne!

    [quote=Carol]Sad to hear about Michael Legat[/quote]
    Yes, very sad news.
  • Congratulations Midia.
  • Well done, Midia. look forward to reading this.
  • [quote=midia] So You Want to be a Freelance Writer is featured in the members' new section.[/quote]
    I read that and I'll be buying a copy.
    Congrats, midia.
  • Congratulations, Midia!
  • Well done Kateyanne and Midia! I entered that adult fairy comp but didn't get anywhere :(


    I have literally just received my copy and found that I have been shortlisted in the poetry comp 'I can still remember the first me I saw her', so that has made me feel better (and the fact that I've just discovered that LilyC picked my poem as the winner of the Sept OWC of course!)

    Oh, if you notice a zombie lurking at the bottom of the first page of the Members' News section - IT'S ME! The piece had a very strange title, something about zombie tales frying my brain, but I assure you that it was nothing to do with the anthology - I was always like this! :)

    (The pic is of me last Halloween, it's not my normal daywear - honest)
  • Well done, Seaview!
  • That's great Seaview I entered that and didn't come anywhere :(
  • Congratulations Seaview.
  • Congrats Seaview!
  • Congrats Midia, and Seaview I noticed your glamorous photo! Well done!
  • Well done Midia and Seaview. TB Power!
  • Just realised I said that LilyC picked my poem as the winner - it wasn't, Bill's was - I was runner up, sorry Bill!!!
  • [quote=LilyC]Seaview I noticed your glamorous photo![/quote]

    Thanks, Lily. I look much better as a zombie ... at least I have an excuse for a bad hair day that way!
  • Well done Midia and Seaview.
  • My letter has been published. (Just picked up my copy)
  • Well done Anna!
  • Well done Anna- what was it about?
  • The competition guide that came with last month's issue.
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