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Who's in January 2012's Writing Magazine and News?

edited November 2011 in - WM and WN
Who’s in January 2012s magazines? The magazines is due out on the 1st December 2011 so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending


  • This thread will drop off the front page before copies arrive so please check page 2/3 for it when they do.
  • The subscription department are on top form again this month.
    My copies have just been delivered by postie- he's early too...
  • My copy arrived this morning as well; the early post was a bonus.
  • Not many TB's this month, but I have seen a name I recognise.
  • Mine has just arrived so I'm going to have a quick look through while having a cup of tea.
  • Arrived this morning - most impressed!
  • Mine just arrived - a quick scoot through and I spotted one TBer in WN.

    There was a very nice letter about my e-publishing article so that's made my day!

    Didn't get shortlisted for the Miser short story comp. so will try to find another market for that.
  • I want mine!
  • Yes there looks to be a lot of good articles again this month.
    Congratulations Lily.
  • just fell on the mat, coffee made, ready for a read
  • Just got mine too. Yes, there's a name I recognise. Off to read it now....
  • pbwpbw
    edited November 2011
    Mine arrived today. Had a quick flick through it. Marvellous content this month, loads of stuff of interest.

    Congratulations to the editorial team.
  • Mine arrived this morning.
  • Not much poetry this month :(
  • Mine has arrived.
  • So much to read this month: I think WM is going from strength to strength now. There was a time a few years ago when I wouldn't buy it: rather staid and old-fashioned-seeming, but now it is really helpful in so many directions.
    So congratulations to Jonathon & co!
  • Thanks everyone, glad we're hitting the mark!
    KA - we've got two sets of poetry winners in next issue.
  • Got mine and read it. Love the magazine and now getting used to the new format.
  • Webbo it's not just poetry winners, I want to see articles on modern poets and read their poems, perhaps broken down to show how they were written etc. Mslexia does that well.
  • Mine arrived today - but I havent even finished last months! But now the exams are out of the way I may have time to do some leisure reading and also some writing!
  • The magazines have really become worth the cost. So thanks to all responsible, Jonathan and team.
  • [quote=ttofee]havent even finished last months[/quote]
    Me neither!

    [quote=Carol]The magazines have really become worth the cost. So thanks to all responsible, Jonathan and team.[/quote]
    Totally agree. Thanks all.
  • So what you're saying is that the magazine for January comes out in November?!!! :O
  • It's ridiculous isn't it - although it doesn't actually go on sale until December (well okay, tomorrow!), but subscriber copies are sent out earlier. It makes a joke of "this month" or any kind of seasonal reference, eg we're already starting on the new year, even though you're reading it a month before Christmas!
  • I agree that WM/WN has improved a lot in the last few months. I stopped subscribing for a while but am really glad I started again.

    Yes, the timing thing is weird. But I suppose people who write articles are used to thinking well ahead.
  • Why do magazines do that, always put out their mags the month ahead?
  • The short answer, Dora, is: because everybody else does! I think it's in the name of looking new, even though the readers all know it happens, so it shouldn't have any effect.
    I've asked quite a few times in the past if we could change it, and never got anywhere.
    (Does anyone else remember for sure? I think it wasn't always as extreme as it is now. eg come out mid or late November and be labelled "December", rather than late October, early November. It seems to be that it's been a gradual creep in the last 20 years or so.)
  • Webbo, Writers Forum had their January issue out the week before the WM/WN issue, so you shouldn't feel too bad...:)

    A few years ago they seemed to be trying out different release dates- it eventually settled to where it is now 21st to the 25th approximately.
  • It's certainly odd but don't suppose it really matters in the long run. If it's called January but comes out in November, it's really just November with a pseudonym, isn't it? Or perhaps November in disguise. A rose by any other name...
  • [quote=Webbo]I've asked quite a few times in the past if we could change it, and never got anywhere.[/quote]

    Aha. So don't you have final say, Jonathan, about how the mag operates?

    I wonder which was the first mag EVER to do this?
  • If you make changes to a publication date it only works if it gives you an advantage over rival publications...
  • Gardeners' World was a magazine that used to carry a date a month ahead but changed to come out at the very end of one month for the month ahead ( ie last week of October for November) to bring advice for gardening at the relevant time.
  • I can see why that would work for that type of magazine, Wordy.
  • It's probably a sign of the times, too.
    Halloween things in shops before the kids have gone back to school in September, Fireworks in September, Christmas starts November and start thinking about summer holidays on Boxing Day !
    There's no hope for the likes of me who has difficulty knowing what day it is at the best of times. Just pick up and read what I feel like reading that day ;)
  • [quote=lexia]Just pick up and read what I feel like reading that day [/quote]

    Those words on that paper toilet roll are all I can just about cope with, tbh, you know the words I mean:

    "NOW wash your hands, please"
  • Writers' Forum is the say you get the January issue in December. I havnt read it for a while so I'm trying to decide wether to continue my subscriptiion I've always prefered it to writing magazine, theres small columns with very humourous writers.
  • I read WF when I'm in Smiffs. It doesn't take long, and no subscription charges.
  • Today have received a club newsletter for Spring 2012 so maybe not too ad getting January mags at the end of November.
  • Sounds like time to subscribe...
  • [quote=LilyC]There was a very nice letter about my e-publishing article so that's made my day![/quote]

    Just saw that yesterday! Great news, Lily :D
  • I ran a competition with my writing students to write a letter for a writing magazine. They also had to send it off. I was so pleased to see that Valerie Miller's was puboished in this month's letters page.

    I also have a feature about deadline nightmares in the same issue.
  • Well done writebag's student Valerie, and congrats to writebag too!
  • Well done writebag and your student Valerie.
  • Thank you!
  • Congrats writebag!
  • Well done to Writebag (and Lily for being mentioned)! I'm looking forward to reading the items.
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