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Resolutions comp WN0014

edited January 2012 in - WM and WN
I can't see any word count given for this comp (Feb WN page 20) Am I missing something?


  • No, and it isn't on the competitions section of the website at all.
  • They're usually 1500-1700, apart from the annual short short story (750 words) or 1000 word comps.
  • That's what I thought, Heather. It seems odd they haven't said at all, but I suppose it means we can submit whatever length we like.
  • thanks for reminding me, have a great idea for this one
  • Me too (well, I like it!) Not sure it's going to come within the usual 1500-1700 range, but luckily that doesn't seem to matter for this one.
  • Sorry for the oversight - that comp has the usual word count, 1,500-1,700 but the detail was missed out when we were putting the page together.
  • Doh!

    "scribbles out 3,000 words"
  • [quote=dora]"scribbles out 3,000 words" [/quote] Yeah, me too.

    Hope nobody has already sent in entries without realising there is a word count.
  • How is anyone going to know unless they look on this thread?
  • I'm sure Jonathan will put a correction in the March issue and probably on the competitions page...
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