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Who's in March 2012's Writing Magazines- WN/WM

edited January 2012 in - WM and WN
The magazine won't be out in the shops for a few days, but subscribers may receive theirs earlier.

If you spot yourself please give the magazine, page number and the name you appear under if different from your Talkback name.

Please let Talkbackers reveal their appearances first, and avoid giving away the end of the stories.


  • Just got in and mine has arrived.
  • AND MINE!!!
  • It's great, subscribers guaranteed to receive their copy before it appears in the shops.
  • Me too. Spotted an article by one TBer but that's all.
  • Mine arrived today; haven't spotted a TBer yet.
  • Got mine, not looked at it yet. Better go and get it.
  • Just got mine - spotted a TBer's name :-)
  • Got mine too-still reading February's :(
  • Mine arrived today but not yet opened.
  • I have only read a couple of bits and spotted one TB. But haven't had time to look at WN yet.
  • edited January 2012
    I haven't read last months yet! The thing is I rearranged my bedroom and am still sorting through things... so I'm not really sure where I've put it :rolleyes:

    I'll try to hang on to this one until I've at least read it
  • Mine came this morning. Not managed to read it yet.
  • I've seen Mr Staple in it this month.

    Centrefold too. Good for you Mr Staple.
  • I have a 2 page article about visiting the London Book Fair.
  • OOOh, I'll have a look at that now.
  • Congratulations Viv, haven't had a chance to read it yet.
  • Mine got to Warrenpoint yesterday so I took it to the hairdressers this morning for a good old read. :)
  • [quote=Carol]If you spot yourself please give the magazine, page number and the name you appear under if different from your Talkback name.[/quote]

    Carol, was that you I saw in a recent issue (Jan or Feb, I think) of WM?
  • Got mine today - will go and have a browse by the fire in a little while.
  • [quote=DeneBebbo]Carol, was that you I saw in a recent issue (Jan or Feb, I think) of WM?
    Not unless I've got a doppleganger...:)
    Could it have been the other Carol, CarolA?
  • Enjoyed Viv's article - always wondered what it was like there. Spotted someone else too...
  • Congrats Viv and the "someone else" too :)

    I need to get around to reading the whole magazine in one go. I still have January AND February waiting !
  • I've only got to the middle with the WN section, so anything from there on hasn't been read yet...
  • I enjoyed that article Viv as I have always wondered what is was like there. Thanks.
  • [quote=Carol]Could it have been the other Carol, CarolA? [/quote]

    You're right, it's CarolA!
  • I got up too early today. Now I feel tired, although I have done some work, so I think I'll curl up on the sofa with my copy.
  • Well done to Viv! I'm looking forward to reading your article. And congratulations to the Talkbacker who was shortlisted in two competitions!
  • Well done Viv and other TBers!
  • Enjoyed your article, Viv, and well done CarolA.

    There's a piece about another TBer too. Where is that guy?
  • Ah that may have been me Jay? I am told I was shortlisted in the ghost story comp and the Sense and Sensibility one, but as my magazines haven't arrived inJapan I have no idea! No one in subscriptions is answering my emails either ... grrrrrr.....

    Congrats to anyone else... obviously I haven't read anything yet.
  • Yep! Well done! You didn't fool me by putting a different country. :)
  • Took mine on my visit to daughter at the weekend, and my nine-month old grandaughter, showing great care and determination, removed the cover and flatly refused to relinquish it.
  • Bit late to this thread but Yeaaahhhhhhhhh I'm in the member news section of WN


    Ovation theatre winner.
  • Well done RG.
  • Congratulations, RG!
  • Well done, RandomGuy!
  • Yes, spotted you Rand! Well done!
  • Whoop, Whoop !
    Well done RG !
  • Spotted a couple of TBers in Writers' Forum today. You know who you are..!
  • Thanks guys :-)
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