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Henrietta Branford Writing Competition 2012. For ages 7-19

edited February 2012 in Writing

My kind librarian send me an email about this competition. It is for ages 7-19 so I'll thought I'll give everyone the heads up. The rules and guidelines are on that link.

Anyone else intrested?


  • Yes. :)

    My twelve and ten year old sons both enjoy writing stories, so thank you for this, STF.
  • And with a mom like you, dora, they have almost a bottomless pit of material. :)
  • * braces self for what dora will come out with next *
  • Tempting fate there, Lou
  • edited February 2012
    "wonder what it's like to almost have a bottom"

    Actually, I went to my ten year old's parents eve last night.

    I was in fits after reading one of his stories :)

    Have edited as I couldn't possibly let you lot know what it was about
  • edited March 2012
    I've finished my entry, I was wondering if anyone would mind reading over it before I send it. Whisper me your email address if you are interested.
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