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Who's in July 2012's magazines due out 7th June?



  • Sounds like another TB take-over this month. Well done to all concerned.
  • Congratulations, Rosalie!
  • Congratulations, Rosalie.
    Was just waiting for you to announce your inclusion. :)
  • I was in. Congratulations Rosalie.
  • Well done, Rosalie:)
  • I saw that, Mutley, congratulations!
  • Congratulations, Mutley.
  • Saw you Mutley, congratulations.
    We're still short of a few TB's declaring themselves. :)
  • Chuffed you should be!
  • edited June 2012
    Congratulations Mutley!
  • Congratulations to Mutley, Rosalie, and all other TB'ers featured this month.
  • Congratulations Rosalie (and friends) and Mutley - and the other TBers.
  • edited June 2012
    I''ve just seen my mugshot! I receive the ipad edition which covers later than the printed edition. It's cheaper!
  • I saw you in the mag, Stan2, well done!
  • edited June 2012
    My copy has arrived on my ipad. I am in the Members' News section holding my book 'Doxology!'. The heading is 'Something to sing about' - I chose this! I must now buy a printed copy.
  • Well done, Stan. I saw you, too.
  • Well done Stan.
    We're still missing a couple of TB's from the letters section, I think.
  • I'm in too! Well done to one and all!!
  • Well done writebag - where are you in the mag? I saw another TBers in the letters.
  • Well done Rosalie, Stan and Mutley and the elusive letter writers :)
  • Ah, there she is! I saw you, writebag, under your other name :-) Well done.
  • Congratulations writebag.
  • Well done, writebag!
  • Well done everyone who got a mention!
  • According to Mr Stanley I have a letter printed. I may have to buy a copy to check!
  • Yes, on the third page of letters, about checking your work for errors...
  • Really? Are you sure it's mine...?
  • I saw it in the newsagent today

    It's a letter pointing out the fact that some people who self publish could try proofreading before expecting others to read their work. Well, that's what I took it to say. I could be wrong.
  • Ah - sounds like me. Sent it in a while ago.

    I've yet to read an error-free self-published book.
  • Mmmm. Yes I know.

    I've read your reviews :)
  • I speak (and write) only the truth.
  • edited June 2012
    I wouldn't want to read a book with a lot of errors in it.

    I mean I can read stories that do have the odd error in, eg the font doesn't match up in places, the odd spelling error etc and it doesn't bother me, yet to be expected to read a self published book where it's obvious the editor hasn't done the job properly then I'd not be happy if I'd paid for it.
  • But that's the problem. They aren't edited and they aren't proofread. Often they're given to a friend to read and of course the friend loves it, as all friends would.

    Reading something with a critical eye isn't easy. It's hardwork being a bitch. Fortunately the remuneration helps me cope.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]They aren't edited and they aren't proofread[/quote]

  • Well if they are, the editor and proofreader should be shot.

    People do it on a shoestring and think they can dispense with those services. Some excellent stories are ruined because of it.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]think they can dispense with those services[/quote]

    And some do it possibly 'cos they think they know better? Yet the proof is in the pudding?
  • The proof is in the reading, according to my website.

    I was in touch with an author last week. She was sure her work was perfect. Unfortunately STAIRS and STARES doesn't show up on a spellchecker, nor do the other 49 errors.
  • Well done BB, Mutley, Rosalie and Writebag.
  • BB - go buy the WM/WN - don't you subscribe?
  • [quote=Stan2]don't you subscribe? [/quote]


    I don't think I can buy one where I live, but I'll try later. If not it'll be next week when I nip off to the shops in Bournemouth.
  • I'vw been to Bournemouth but not for many yrs. A lovely place!
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I've yet to read an error-free self-published book. [/quote]

    I've yet to read an error-free published book. I always seem to find one typo somewhere!

    Well done Rosalie, Mutley, Writebag, Baggy and Stan!
  • I think I've said well done to some, but now Writebag and Stan as well. A great month!
  • Well done Stan (great photo!), Rosalie, Mutley and BB.

    I've actually managed to get half-way through it before the middle of the month for once.

    Considering the comments above, I've spotted a couple of typos in the magazine too - nothing's perfect!
  • Maureen - THE WIFE - took the photo.
  • And well done to Stan from me.
  • Well done all, haven't received my copy yet.

    [quote=LilyC]I've spotted a couple of typos in the magazine [/quote]

    That was one of the reasons I don't buy it regularly.
  • Congratulations to you and your group Rosalie - I've read the write up, well done.
  • Just received my copy today, so I'll have a nose through it later...
  • Yyyeees, I've heard about you and your sniffing habits ....
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