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Who's in September 2012's Magazines?

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Who’s in September 2012’s magazine? The magazines probably won’t be out until Thursday 2nd August so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.

(As Jay is not around at the moment, I've started this new thread, ready for WM arriving shortly.)


  • Not me

    Unless I was followed by Jonfun on his tricycle and his tripod?
  • LizLiz
    edited July 2012

    Mine has just arrived. Oh, horrible. It looks like a crappy woman's magazine. Except for the title above you'd think it was Woman's Own. The title is BEHIND the person's face. This is the end of the end. Horrible. I want it to look like a writing magazine. Not make itself look like everything else screaming mediocrity at me from the newstand.
  • Hopefully ours will arrive today too and we can see what's wrong with it.
  • It's not a lot different to normal, but it's... subtly more like every other magazine. Writing all the way up both sides, and I hate the way the magazine title has recently become less important than who is on the cover.
  • I agree, Liz. It does look a bit like a woman's magazine this month.
  • Who is on the front cover?
  • Mine's just arrived!
  • Do you think they have identified their main audience as women?

    I'm surprised, I have to admit, that it looks downgraded instead of full of more in-depth articles, despite the subject titles.
  • No big change of direction Liz, we just fancied a slightly different approach with the cover - the pic was right for it and counter-intuitively, using the image centrally allowed us to fit more information on. We nearly always use the writer's head in front of the mag title, but it might have been a bit more obvious this time as she was in the middle.
  • Aaah.

    How interesting that a change like that can make it look less professional magazine like.

    The bar at the bottom has been lost too.
  • edited July 2012
    Mine has just arrived. Going to have a cuppa and a quick look through. Not keen on the front cover either.
  • Um, is my second article in this month? :rolleyes:
  • We will find out!
  • edited July 2012
    This morning I've been reading the August issue while sitting in the doctor's waiting room and then while waiting in the chemist. I saw Baggy mentioned on the letters page.
  • Stan, quick! Emergency. Turn that into a whisper. You're not allowed to say out loud!! You'll be cast out of the forum!!
  • s'alright Nell, that was in last month's!
  • Nena - yes it is, thankyou very much!
  • [quote=Webbo]s'alright Nell, that was in last month's! [/quote]

    Phew! In my panic I didn't compute that Stan was reading the AUGUST issue...

    Time for a lie down after all that excitement!
  • I don't mind the cover.

    Only had a chance for a v. quick flick through and didn't spot anyone yet.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]Phew! In my panic I didn't compute that Stan was reading the AUGUST issue...[/quote]

  • I don't mind smiley faces! Thank you, dora!

    It just tells me that someone's smiling at me when there's no need to comment. It's a silent acknowledgement.
  • I can see why the title was behind the person, as Webbo said she was centre placed rather than to one side.

    Whether the cover looks like a womans magazine I'm not sure. Perhaps with the additional text it is hard to take it all in...

    Besides Nena's second part, I did see another TB also had an article in this issue.

    Well done Nena and anonymous.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell] It's a silent acknowledgement.[/quote]

    I also perform Silent but deadlies yet somehow I doubt you'd appreciate that as much, so have kept it within myself

    for now
  • [quote=dora] also perform Silent but deadlies yet somehow I doubt you'd appreciate that as much, so have kept it within myself

    for now [/quote]

    I wonder what the icon for those would be...

    *looks around for random clothes peg*
  • a wafting bottle green mist I presume
  • Now, now, don't let this thread get side-tracked Dora and TN, we want to know about any TB's in the magazines, comments on winning stories/poems or anything relevent. :)
  • I'm not in there, but I did recently attend a talk by Adele Parks (the lady on the cover).
  • Don't mind the cover at all - just wish I got a chance to read it .
  • I have not yet seen the Sept magazine.
  • As I subscribe, I barely notice the cover. If the magazine lands face down on the doormat I probably don't see it at all, just rip the plastic off and dive in. It's a different matter if you're looking out for it on the magazine shelves as there are hundreds and a good cover can get the message across rather than be lost in the sea of covers...the mag isn;t always under the heading you expect either, I've seen writing mags under Business & Media, Hobbies and General Interest...
  • I'll NEVER forget the one with Marcus Brigstocke on :) that was my favourite
  • LizLiz
    edited August 2012
    There's a letter on the letters page called 'SENDER GENDER'. I would have thought the editors at Writers' News would have known that you cannot tell the gender of anyone from their name on a letter. Even their sex is difficult to guess given the number of unisex names.
  • Good point, Liz.
  • Mine has now arrived.
  • Mine arrived two days ago. Jolly good service!
  • Anyone else still waiting for their copy?
  • Carol, you spotted me! Yes, I have a 2 page article in this issue, suggesting ways to protect your writing after you die. Morbid maybe, but something to think about, especially if you get famous!
    I really hadn't registered that the cover was much different to usual, and it certainly didn't put me off buying.
  • It's an important thing to do, Viv.

    The cover didn't really bother me, but I can see that some would not find it visually appealing.
  • I'm not ACTUALLY in it, but a phrase from my poem was quoted in the article about the Divine Chocolate Competition on page WN6 - 'fondant dreams'
  • [quote=doodleysquit]As I subscribe, I barely notice the cover. If the magazine lands face down on the doormat I probably don't see it at all, just rip the plastic off and dive in. [/quote]

    Me too, although I must admit, I found this month's (September) cover a bit too busy for my liking. I don't have a problem with the cover design per se, although I knew it was different but couldn't work out why, but Liz has explained it.
  • Well done TN.
  • Nice one, Tiny Nell!
  • Congratulations Viv.
    Well done TN.
  • Well done, Viv!
  • I also got a mention in Helen Yendall's article about dreams!
  • Woo hoo! Well done, Viv!
  • Hooray for Viv!
  • I'm on the Member's News pages my blog followers have told me. The tale of two tutors, and how important it is to get the right one. I love the cover. Better than some of the Mslexia ones with miserable people on the front. I need to send for a copy. I was being cheeky and waiting to see if you got a complimentary one for being in...
  • Congratulations.

    Sadly you don't get a copy for appearing in Members News. :)
  • Thanks for letting me know Carol, I was going to subscribe of course. I'm proud to be in the best writing magazine around.
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