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First Place at Flash500

edited August 2012 in - Writing Tales
I've made the long- and shortlists a couple of times at Flash 500, but last weekend I finally managed to get into the prizes. The judge, Jo Reed, made some very encouraging comments about my story, and compared it to the "classic black comedy of Spike Milligan or Eric Sykes," which I'm thrilled about. It's been a while since I placed in a competition, so this is a fantastic confidence boost.

If you're interested, the story is here: http://www.flash500.com/index_files/fpj2012.htm


  • Superb achievement, danfango. Not third, not second, but FIRST place. Hip, hip, hooray! Well done!!!
  • Well done! Flash 500 is a hard competition to win. Excellent news!
  • Congratulations Danfango - love your story and just love the ending - well done.
  • Excellent - well done!
  • Well done, dan!
  • pbwpbw
    edited August 2012
    Wow! Wow! Wow! Well done, df! and congratulations!

    I just LOVED your last line.
  • Brilliant, well done Danfango.
  • Congratulations, danfango!
  • great stuff, danfango!
  • Well done, Danfango - you've cracked it!
  • Many congratulations! I gave this one a go last year to no avail. I'll read your story later to see where I went wrong! ;)
  • very well done indeed, danfango. I love the story, and what a superb last line. :)
  • Congratulations delfango.
    Loved the story.
  • [quote=Lizy]Congratulations delfango. [/quote]

    Who is this stranger to whom you refer, Lizy?
  • Wow - what a brilliant response! Thank you all.

    [quote=Tiny Nell]Who is this stranger to whom you refer, Lizy?[/quote]

    Ah, maybe she was thinking of my twin brother...?
  • Who, Delboy?
  • Hurray for Del... Dan

    Hippety hip huzzaaaarh!
  • edited August 2012
    [quote=Tiny Nell]Who, Delboy?[/quote]

    That's him. Lovely (jubbly) chap, he is.
  • Fabulous, DF. Am so ecstatic for you! Yaaaay!!
  • Loved it! Well done and well deserved too.
  • Ooh, Dan, well done. Don't know how i missed this.
  • Well done Dan, enjoyed the story.
  • Congrats! Great story.
  • Skillful - well deserved!
  • Thanks, everybody.

    I'm pleased the story's had such a good response. It's always a bit nerve-wracking letting them out into the world, isn't it?
  • Very, very well done, Danfango - wow, those Flash500 comps have hundreds of entries, what an achievement!
    (and the money's good to have, too!!!!)
  • Fantastic. Loved the story. Flash 500 is really hard and the standard really high. Quite an achievement. Well done You.
  • [quote=ceka](and the money's good to have, too!!!!)[/quote]

    Definitely! I'm hoping to move house soon, so it'll be handy to have a bit of extra cash ready for all those unexpected expenses.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read the story, everyone.
  • Brilliant news!! Well done!
  • Congratulations!
  • Great achievement, and to be compared to those greats must be a wonderful boost to your writing. Will pop and have a read now.
  • edited August 2012
    Great news - well done. (Just read it - very good - poor Granddad.)
  • Congratulations, danfango! Enjoyed the story.
  • Nice story danfango, well done and congratulations. Overthemoon and back for you, then.
  • Many thanks, everyone! Funny to see this thread pop up after so many months, but I'm glad people are still enjoying the story.
  • It is a terrific story df. I read it again last night and it made me chuckle again and the last line is priceless - LOL stuff.
  • I'm afraid I'd forgotten all about this, Dan - so glad the thread was resurrected. Loved the story!
  • Well done, brilliant story :)
  • Thank you!

    What turned out to be really nice about this is that my girlfriend bought me a subscription to Words With Jam as a Christmas present, and this story was in the December issue. A lovely surprise!
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