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When do I apply for ISBN?

Good evening all, I am venturing a toe in self publishing. I know I have to have ISBN and where to get it from; but when do I apply for it? I am at the final (I hope)editing stage and I will be approaching a local printer.
Can anyone advise/help/point me to an easy read idiots guide to self publishing?
Thanks in anticipation. Victoria 44


  • Well you'll need it before the printing stage, certainly.

    And hello and welcome.
  • The ISBN will need to be presented as a barcode at the printing stage. Some printing companies will do this for you for a small fee (approx £10), others require it to be inserted into the book jacket file before you submit it to them.

    Make sure the barcode is properly scannable (printing company should do this for you) before you accept the proof cover files. I always stipulate this when sending my books to print.
  • Thanks Carol and KJ, very helpful comments. As you can gues this is all new territory to me and I do want to get it right. Best wishes Victoria44
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