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Last Night's Dream

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For the first time, last night I had TBers in my dream!

We had all been travelling on public transport and had stopped briefly at a service station, when Baggy and Carol suggested we should go and dye our hair in the washroom which, incidentally, also had showers.

Baggy emerged first with hair that was lily white underneath and jet black on top. It was amazing - a work of art. Carol then followed, but she had managed more of an artistic chequerboard pattern in the same black and white. Their hair felt as soft as down.

As I talked to them, however, the white bits started to turn a gingery pink and where the hair had been smooth and sleek, it began to look dried out and split.

I didn't have the heart to tell them.

I then went in search of the toilets to find a large room with a pack of Brownies lying in sleeping bags all over the floor and the only loos were two swing bins, one blue, one red, in the corner with no privacy at all. They had bin liners in, but were both full, so I passed.

Has anyone else had their dreams infiltrated by TBers?


  • Not that I'm aware of.
  • I can see the first bit as an OWCAnthology production team dream, with BB and Carol making themselves (and by suggestion, us) interesting to the public. Not sure where the Brownies come in, though, unless they are people who, when they wake up, get things done for us? And like you, I'm not going near the bins.
  • Bins are a no-go area which is a pity if you really must go.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell] Their hair felt as soft as down.[/quote]

    *beams and decides to ignore the rest*

    [quote=Mrs Bear] with BB and Carol making themselves (and by suggestion, us) interesting to the public[/quote]

    Are we not already interesting? I'm always getting interesting looks.
  • I meant to say, extra-interesting, BB, of course!
  • *nods off, happy, content & extra-interesting*
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]We had all been travelling on public transport[/quote]

    Not the famous bus to croydon?

    Goodness, TN, TBers in your head while you sleep? That's the stuff of nightmares, methinks.
  • I've been spending too much time on here.


    You've all become real.

    I think the hair dye bit came from Neph mentioning she'd dyed her hair black and the starring roles were given to TBers whose faces I'd seen.

    dora, you remain enigmatic, so if you were there, you would have been incognito.
  • edited November 2012
    Is it painful being incognito and is there a cure?
  • In Cognito? Funny time of year to go on your holidays.
  • edited November 2012
    The last time I was in Cognito I saw a pink elephhant in a red nightie. Honest!
  • It's an old Keith Moon joke, Stan, from when he did a radio programme "Life With The Moons".

    "I phoned the BBC and asked if I could speak to the Director General. They said he's incommunicado. Funny time of year to go on your holidays."
  • Oh, we are blessed to have such comedy here on TB.
  • The dream means that you like the facade of people of TB, but as real people, not so much...
    That would be my professional overview.
    I charge for in-depth analysis.
  • [quote=BuickMackane]I charge for in-depth analysis.

    Who's up for first in the queue for an endoscopy with Buick?
  • I do discounts for group analysis.
  • Group analysis?

    I hope you wash/sterilise your instruments thoroughly then.
  • You must bring your own individual instruments.
    I cannot afford to buy the pliers, knives, etc and sterilize them every time.
    There's a recession on, you know.
  • "wonders if Buick will be wearing a freshly laundered apron on our arrival at his surgery for this group analysis or whether he'll be wearing the blood-spattered garment he has been issued with at his part-time job at the butchers"
  • The latter, but don't let that put you off, I know my way around the human psyche just as well as I do a lamb's small intestine.
    *smiles with an uncanny similarity to Norman Bates*
  • "wonders whether to offer Buick a tin or a bottle opener to assist with his uncanny condition"
  • I think I better bring the hammer, just to keep Buick in line...
  • I am forcibly reminded of Sweeney Todd - think I'll give this party a miss!
  • Group analysis: does that mean a collection of Petri dishes under a microscope? Samples obtained from willing or unwilling participants?
    Terribly sorry - I've suddenly remembered an appointment elsewhere, beyond reach, out of sight, and possibly on an entirely different planet.
  • [quote=Mrs Bear] Samples obtained from willing or unwilling participants?[/quote]

    Samples of what?
    Mind boggles.
  • Couple of days ago, MonkeyNuts emailed me...for a change...and mentioned that the night before she had a dream about me, but it wasn't me because I had long blonde hair. I pointed her in the direction of this thread.

    Seems strange that two TBers have a dream about me and my hair - almost within hours of each other.
  • So have you booked an appointment for blonde hair extensions?
    And bought a lottery ticket with numbers picked (somehow) from TB?
  • I have looked up hair dreams. I had to wade through all sorts of things that could happen to hair, but eventually found this, although it pertains to oneself rather than to another:

    'To dream that your hair is white or turns white, indicates that something important has just been made aware to you. It is a symbol of wisdom and insight.'

    Wisdom and insight? Yes. I have that a-plenty according to . . . me.

    Your white hair, Baggy, wasn't that wiry, old person's type of white hair. As I think I mentioned, it was so silky and glossy. Also you had jet black areas too.
  • Maybe it means that through my illuminating posts on TB I am sharing my wisdom with you and MonkeyNuts?
  • Indeed.

    I regard you as the very fount of all wisdom.

    *reverses away, bowing until light-headed*
  • *nods*

    You are wise to do so.

    *changes parting*
  • [quote=Baggy Books]*changes parting* [/quote]

    *emulates and walks in footprints left by Baggy*
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]*reverses away, bowing until light-headed*

    "wonders what sort of light suits TN best - the blue one found on top of a fire engine or the single, dust-laden one that flickers constantly in the back room at the abbattoir"
  • *stares*

    I see only rain.
  • Actually isn't there some lyrics in a Led Zep song, called Rain Song

    "... I had a dream, whoooaa

    a crazy dream ....."
  • edited December 2012
    I had a dream involving a lady TBer last night, my first one. We were in a pub somewhere, and having a right good laugh about I-know-not-what.

    I shall not divulge my 'friend's' identity because of the inevitable disappointment it would cause the rest of you, but there was no 'hanky-panky involved, so you didn't miss out on much.

    *braces self for tirade of whispers enquiring 'was it me?' *
  • I was dreaming about Chris Evans last night.

    Must stop eating cheese before bedtime.
  • [quote=snailmale]having a right good laugh [/quote]

    How wonderful - nothing beats a good laugh :)

    [quote=heather]I was dreaming about Chris Evans last night.

    For me that would be a nightmare :(
  • Maybe you'd scoffed a few ginger biscuits before bedtime, heather?
  • I think you can only dream about TBers if you know what they look like.

    Watch out all you laydees who were in that WM double page spread.

    You're all fair game now!
  • edited December 2012
    Only just picked up on this thread as it was high up on the first page. The night before last my dream had TBers in it. I thought it odd when I woke up especially as I don't know any of you personally. Then this thread appears. How weird is that?
  • edited December 2012
    [quote=Lizy]heather wrote: I was dreaming about Chris Evans last night.

    For me that would be a nightmare [/quote]

    It was!!!!
  • We are having dinner with Chris Evans this evening.
  • Well, he was very polite in my dream but a little overpersistent.
    Maybe you could let him know I'm a married woman, sm!
  • I once read somewhere that if a person appears in your dreams, it means they are thinking about you. Well, if that is so, what on earth would Zippy and George be doing thinking about me?
  • I haven't dreamt in a long, long time.
  • Sometimes I remember dreams I've been having just before I wake up- you know that half awake state, and think I must remember that, and by the time I'm fully awake it's forgotten.

    I'm sure we all dream every time we sleep, it's just that most dreams probably don't break into the conscious bit of our minds... :)
  • I'm so knackered these days don't have time to dream when I'm asleep, lol, too busy knocking out me winks
  • Last night...My mother had a baby, so did her neighbour - both are in their 70s.

    Chap died, was on a conveyor belt. His murderer watched him pass by then woke up - found it all a dream. But then (awake) he saw his victim on a conveyor belt, still alive but about to die...

    All very happy and festive in my little head.
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