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Book Giveaway on My Blog

edited November 2012 in - Writing Tales
I mentioned this on Dora's "Why should I visit your blog?" thread, but in case anybody's missed it:

I'm celebrating my 100th blog post by giving away a copy of my anthology. For details of the book, the stories it contains (several of which have won prizes or been shortlisted in competitions), and to put your name into the draw, follow this link:


It's free and all you need to do is leave a comment there or on my Facebook page to enter the draw.


  • Dan. read two of your stories, love the dark edge to them and feel that the horror one could be developed further, perhaps a novel or a screenplay, perhaps elaborating further on the Black fever in the crime horror story.I have never tried flash fiction to be honest but you make it seem so easy with Spontaneous Combustion. In both cases, you have given me serious food for thought. Keep it up. Forgive me everyone for my apparent absence, I have been fearfully busy but thought I better put my head around the door before you think anything dreadful had happened and wondered what on earth has happened to Woll.
  • Thanks, Woll - I really appreciate you taking the time to check this out and I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the stories.

    Flash fiction takes practice, but when it works, it can be very effective. There are a lot of (very) different opinions on what makes a flash story 'good' or 'bad', but all you can do is write the best story you can and hope other people like it.

    Anyway, good luck in the draw! (If you entered - I'm not 100% sure which comment might be yours)
  • Two days to go, folks!

    (Sorry to harp on about this, but as I'm doing this at my own expense I'd like to encourage as many entries as possible)
  • Last day to get your name in the hat, everyone!

  • [quote=danfango]Last day to get your name in the hat, everyone![/quote]

    I tried.

    I failed.
  • Thanks, Tiny Nell.

    I'll happily take comments on this thread as entries, too, if people are having trouble commenting on the blog or my Facebook page...
  • Good luck danfango.
  • Rather than start a new thread and clog up the boards, I thought I'd mention that I'm also giving the ebook version of this anthology away for FREE until lunchtime tomorrow.

    The quickest route is to go here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/262944 and use the discount code DV68V.

    The blog post relating to the ebook / offer is here: http://lies-ink.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/its-my-birthday-here-have-present.html

    And if you want more of an insight into the book, this should answer most of your questions: http://lies-ink.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/one-oh-oh-and-giveaway.html

    The only update to that last post is that the ebook version has an extra story, making the total 22, and - as the bonus story came 3rd in the Wells Festival of Literature short story competition - the overall "value" of the book (competition prize money and publication payments) weighs in at a hefty £496. Not bad for a freebie!
  • Happy birthday! I'll pop over to smash tomorrow and get a copy. Doesn't seem right you giving everyone else a present on your birthday though!
  • Wouldn't work.

  • I'm really sorry, Baggy - I mistyped the discount code.

    It's DP68V

    I'll edit the initial post to avoid any confusion.

    [quote=polar bear]Doesn't seem right you giving everyone else a present on your birthday though![/quote]

    Ah, well, I've always worked in places where, when it's your birthday, you have to supply the cakes - I guess this is the same sort of thing!
  • Hmm... It seems I can't edit the original post.
  • (Belated) Happy Birthday Dan and thank you for the eBook. I enjoyed the bus story and am looking forward to reading some of your others.
  • Thank you, Mike. I hope you enjoy the others! (It's so nerve-wracking knowing people are reading your work...)

    If anybody else wants to grab a copy, today's the final day - the promotion ends at 2pm (GMT) and then the price will shoot back up to 99p.
  • Got my copy! When I get chance, I'll put a review on for you. Are you on Goodreads too?
  • Thanks, PB! I hope you like the stories. A review would be fantastic (although if you absolutely hate the book, I'm more than happy for you not to bother!)

    I'm not on GoodReads, although I think I have a profile on there, which somebody must have set up on my behalf. It lists me as an author for the 100RPM charity anthology, which I have a story in. I don't know if I can 'claim' this profile for myself, and add my own book too.

    I must admit, I don't know anything about GoodReads, is it worth joining? I've always assumed it's more for readers - are there features for writers, too?
  • edited January 2013
    Downloaded a copy, Dan. Looking forward to reading it!

    p.s. Happy Birthday!
  • I tried to download it on Smashwords and typed in the code.

    It asked, 'Do you mean DIVVY?'

    I laughed my little head off, I did.

    Anyway, I couldn't do it so I'll have a look when I next do some Kindle shopping.
  • Thanks, Claudia - I hope you enjoy the stories.

    Thanks for trying, Tiny Nell - I got the code wrong in the first post and can't edit it - the correct one is "DP68V".

    [quote=Tiny Nell]It asked, 'Do you mean DIVVY?'[/quote]
  • Yes you can claim it, and add this book too! I claimed mine, the publishers set it up, even though I already had one. It's pretty good actually, esp. if you have a papercopy because you can do giveaways. Mine's not out in paperback for a couple of months so I'm a bit limited.
  • [quote=danfango]Thanks, Claudia - I hope you enjoy the stories.[/quote]

    I'm bang in the middle of a large hardback edition of Paul Theroux's wonderful travel book: Dark Star Safari, so I downloaded your book with the intention of saving it until I go to Sydney next month as I shall be travelling with my much more convenient Kindle.

    However, must confess that I couldn't resist a sneaky-peak - and I've liked what I've read so far. Now, I have very determinedly put the Kindle aside and reverted to the original plan. :)
  • Thanks, Claudia!

    It's amazing to think of my stories being read in Fiji and Australia. I suppose I should have got used to the whole global aspect of the internet by now, but there's a definite thrill to be had from the idea of my words being far better-travelled than I am.
  • [quote=danfango]I must admit, I don't know anything about GoodReads, is it worth joining? I've always assumed it's more for readers - are there features for writers, too? [/quote]

    I've just joined goodreads and I love it. It's excellent for readers and you can join as a goodreads author (but I'm not sure how you do that, yet). I am planning to advertise my book on goodreads but I am not quite ready to promote yet. I think I'll be able to start 1st Feb. I'll let you know how I get on.

    It's worth checking whether there's a thread on here for goodreads, as there are a number of TBers as members. If not, we should start one.
  • I'll take a look for you PBW. Let me know when you start to promote and I'll mark your book to read.
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