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I went to the Manet exhibition at the R.A. on Saturday.


  • Is it as good as some have said?
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    Hi Carol, I have read and heard mixed reviews. The paintings were refreshingly French! You know that portrait of Berthe Morisot, wearing a black hat? The technique, so casual the tonal contrast so dramatic! I could write a book about that picture!
  • I ike that picture. :)
  • I'd love to go, but I don't think I can afford the travel.
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    Rail fare from Diss to Liverpool Street was forty five pounds return. Coach is oodles cheaper. Trafalgar Square pigeons ate the sandwich I had made for myself so I bought chocolate! Cost about eighty pounds all round.The exhibition ticket was ten pounds.
  • [quote=Carol]I ike that picture.
    The eyes are so appealing! The outline of the hat and hair, raffishly elegant.


  • Actually that's not too bad at all. coach takes 10 hours from here so I'll pay the bit extra & take the train.
  • [quote=Carol]The paintings were refreshingly French[/quote]

    Well, wasn't Manet French?! ;)
  • I am thinking of going to the EXhibition. I have a Senior rail card. £10 is a reasonable price. Are their concessions for pensioners?
  • Oui, bien sur. (Why won't my French spell checker give me a circumflex?)
    (Am I going to wish I hadn't asked that?)
  • I don't know!
  • Splendid, Stan! Right - off to bed. Nighty night.
  • Good night and sweet dreams. Good night to Mr Bear too.
  • Mr Bear says goodnight.
  • [quote=Stan2]I am thinking of going to the EXhibition. I have a Senior rail card. £10 is a reasonable price. Are their concessions for pensioners?[/quote]
    They are allowed in if accompanied by a responsible person.
  • Very funny! I would probably arrive there on my skateboard.
  • That's a wheeled vehicle, that is Stan, and therefore could be liable to a road toll. You may find you have to park it at the toll gate, which I believe is somewhere near Staines these days, and walk the rest of the way.
  • Staines is a long, long way from the RA.
  • Maybe they would consider moving it to Staines?
  • Vanish is good for removing Staines
  • [quote=Maro]Vanish is good for removing Staines[/quote]

    "BANG! and the dirt is gone."

    Barry Scott
  • [quote=Stan2]Staines is a long, long way from the RA.[/quote]
    [quote=Patricia Lesley]Maybe they would consider moving it to Staines?[/quote]

    Instainesllation art?
  • The guy (forgotten his name) on The Culture Show did a good job of showing us someof the Manet paintings at the RA. Get it on I-player - it was last Thursday I think or the Thursday before.
  • The guy is Andrew Graham-Dixon, Betsie. A sound art historian, authority on Caravaggio. I like him - even though some of his interpretations get a bit airy-fairy at times. He also does a foodie/arty programme travelling in Italy with an Italian chef, Georgio Locatelli.

    [quote=pbw]Rail fare from Diss to Liverpool Street was forty five pounds return[/quote]
    That's interesting, pbw. I'm going the exhibition early March. Return 1st class fare from Liverpool to Euston - £50. Includes reserved seat, food and drink.
  • Anybody been to the sculpture exhibition at the British Museum?
  • I haven't either but I'd like to. Work just seems to get in the way all the time.
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    To Bury Saint Edmunds. Had to have my boots mended in time for holiday. While waiting for the cobbler, I sauntered into the Waterstone's hive, came to the art books and there was Sheila Hale's Titian, (Harper Press 2012). His Venus of Urbino is thought to be a precedent for Manet's Olympia. She peers at you from behind a gold embossed capital T on the dust sheet.
    The colour plates are true and the text begins in the same mood as Brucker's Renaissance Florence, with a description of a view;
    ' On a clear day in Venice ... you can see the distant mountains where Titian was born ...' Sheila Hale thus cunningly creates your appetite for art related info.
    Then, a lot about 15C Venice made me feel stung but I'm home in bed with the book by then reading Chapter Three. This gives you an idea of what was required from an apprentice painter such as Titian before he became a master. He is easily pictured in a flat cap with pheasant's feather and bouffant brichtes, nipping up the vendicolori for some more rose madder and lapis lazuli.
  • Did anyone who went to the Manet exhibition say "Show me the Manet"?
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    I was in London yesterday visiting a brother in hospital so I decided to go first to the Manet exhibition. There was a hour long q, so I went into Waterstones instead - five floors of books! A good selection of writing books and an even better selection of poetry. I bought the Dummy's Guide to Poetry. The assistant told me about Stephen Fry's book on writing poetry. I declined to buy that one too. I need to buy tickets online if I'm to see Manet. The exhibit is on display until April. It costs £14 for those - like me - who are over 60. Crowds in London because of half-term and chaos at King's Cross with cancelled trains.
  • I have purchased two Senior citizens tickets for Manet in April. We tried several dates before we found one for which tickets were available. So I am going with a friend who is a fan of the Impressionists. There is a small extra charge for online booking.
  • I hope you enjoy it Stan. I saved the leaflet the receptionist gave me and stuck it to the wall to remind me of the exhibition. Then I sat staring at the effect until I noticed B. Morisot's left ear. Was Manet after a stylish and exaggerated perspective?! Perhaps Couture did not tell him about painting the top of an ear level with the eye and the lobe with the mouth?
    The portrait is still delightful, even though, her ear looks like a gravitationally challenged accessory.
  • Thanks Patricia. I shall look at that ear!
  • I went with a friend to the Manet exhibition 9th April. We enjoyed it very much. We were in the exhibition for over an hour.
  • So pleased you enjoyed it Stan
  • not so keen on the impressionists as I used to be. Must be the monetpause.
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