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Getting books onto my kindle

edited March 2013 in - Reading
Most books I buy go automatically onto my kindle, but a few eg those from smashwords, go into my kindle app but not onto the device itself. D'you know how I can transfer them over?

I did read something about emailing them to my kindle but didn't understand how that would work.


  • I thought the point was they went to all devices using the same account automatically?

    Mine appear on phone app and computer app at same time :S
  • Anything bought from the kindle store does but not books obtained elsewhere.
  • You need the cable you plug into your Kindle, and the other end into your computer. You can then transfer them over.
  • I always get mine from Amazon...does that do it as well?
  • [quote=bored_robots]I always get mine from Amazon...does that do it as well?[/quote] Yes (That's what I meant by the kindle store.)

    I've worked it out now! The email address they're sent from has to be registered so the kindle will accept the documents. I was trying to send from an unregistered address. Have sorted it now.

    If anyone else has problem it might help to know that books added in this way are considered 'personal documents' and won't show up under books on the my kindle page.
  • follow our Kindle download guide PM http://alfiedog.com/bites/kindle-download-guide/
  • Good posts, Phots Moll. Helpful advice, especially about the email address. Thanks.
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