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The Sherlock Holmes Museum Baker Street. Any good?

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I am meeting a friend in Baker Street today and wondered about going to the Sherlock Holmes Museum while there. It is £8 to get in. I had a look at it online but was wondering if anyone has been there and is it worth going?


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    I've heard of it. But that's all.

    If you do go, remember to tell us about it. Have a fun day. :)
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    Didn't know there was a museum, Nefertari, but in a former 'life' I stopped one night at the Sherlock Holmes hotel, arranged by my company's Travel dept. because my usual London watering holes were full. The visit was notable for the unprovoked and violent attack on my door, around 3.00am, by some legless Scandinavians, in which I genuinely feared for my safety. Our Travel people subsequently removed the whole hotel chain from their list. Happy days.
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    Have walked by but sadly not been in.

    However if you wanna warm up a bit and see some butterflies (and say hi to me :p) you could pop by the Natural History Museum ;) Although might be bit of a detour I guess.
  • Snailmale I had something like that happen when staying in a hotel in Lloret de Mar a few years ago , some very drunk German guys and it was very frightening so I know how you felt.
  • Jediya not sure there will be time today, but hope to get into London again soon.What days are you there? And where are you exactly in the museum?
  • I'm in the museum thursdays and fridays but in the butterfly house (on the east lawn , you can't miss it) every Friday.
  • I used to work in Baker Street but never went in the museum. However, the top end of Baker Street is on the edge of Regent's Park and there is a bandstand nearby and the flowers should be lovely this time of year. If it's nice weather, I would suggest a short walk there instead - and it's free!
  • Yes we intend going there to have our lunch. Not been there for a while so looking forward to it and hope it does not rain today.
  • Have a lovely day Nefertari - I'm going to London next weekend for three nights.
  • I've been inside. It's really good. You can have your picture taken dressed as Sherlock or a policeman. You have a tour of the 221B as Sherlock would have lived in it and see some part of his best loved stories. I would recommend it. Even if you're not a big Sherlock fan there is something for everyone.
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    I've been into the downstairs front room, which is free entry, and had my piccy taken (see below) with Sherlock's cap and pipe next to the policeman outside the front door. The entry fee gets you into the upstairs rooms but sadly I can't tell you what those are like.

  • I've always been past it on the coach going home. (I tend to have a love/hate relationship with Baker street and its traffic lights). I'm usually more interested in the cinema further up, and how come it only usually advertises one or two films at a time.
  • Well I went inside, it is the house as in the stories. Not a lot of room to get round the small rooms, loads of tourists.
    One room is story themed. I will put some photos on my blog.
    I am not sure it's worth £8 entrance fee more like £5 but was interesting.
  • Lovely photo of you on FB, Nefertari.
  • Thanks I have added a few more, some to show the themed story room.
  • I've been and thought it very atmospheric. I could imagine myself there with Sherlock and Watson. Not sure how much I paid though.
  • a couple of photos on my blog

  • Thanks
  • The link will not take me to your blog.
  • The link gives an explanation it may make sense to Nefertari.
  • Oh sorry gave u the wrong link try this
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