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Can anyone read Chinese or know anyone who can?

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I bought a chinese silk hand painting at a boot sale at the weekend and would like to know what the writing says.
I would post a picture here but can't remember how to.
Anyway I can email it to anyone who can help.


  • Is it worth trying the local Chinese take-away? - assuming the staff are Chinese
  • I was considering that but not sure where the nearest one is.
  • Buy a curry and they will be more friendly!
  • do they do curry ?i thought it was chop suey etc I don't like Chinese food so don't eat it but I like Indian curry.
  • Try the babelfish website. They give interpretations in writing and phonetically. I have used Chinese in one of my stories.
  • Chinese is different though isn't it, it has nearly 300 living languages, you need someone who can read that particular type.

    Mandarin, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur and Zhuang. Or standardised Chinese. Or loads of others.
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