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To Submit or Not to Submit? That is The Question

edited July 2013 in Writing
Having completed the revisions of my latest opus (or is that just musical?) I'm in a dilemma. I really want to self-publish but am not in a position to do this yet. I've been thinking of trying one agent in the meantime - a newish one who I haven't tried before - but there's a problem: it's only just over 65,000 words long, so would there be any point anyway?

I'd love your views.


  • Do you send the whole thing to an agent, or is it just the first three chapters? I would send it, otherwise you'll always wonder. What about looking for books that are on the short side and seeing who agents the author?
  • Go for it. Otherwise you'll never know. And what have you lost? Nuffin'!
  • Check what the agent wants for their submission package, provide it and stop worrying about the length.

    If an agent takes you on they may suggest revisions anyway and that may make result in it lengthening.
  • Send it - assuming there's nothing in the agent's guidelines to suggest they've no interest in shortish novels.
  • To Submit or Not to Submit?

    A question I will be asking myself later this afternoon, no doubt.
  • Dora dear, are we talking about the same thing here?
  • MrsB, I hadn't thought of it that way, but now you mention it...:)

    Okay, Dora.
    Reveal. Which is it? ;)
  • Funny how some people interpret things, isn't it?

    Thank you very much to all of you for your replies. You are as one - and you're right, of course. I will do the submission (when I've knocked the synopsis into shape).

    Liz - No,agents don't want to see all of the book unless they ask for it. Their specifications vary a bit but it's generally a synopsis and three chapters.
  • Just to confirm: in case anyone's still interested, I've just done the submission. Phew!
  • Yay, Lah-tay! Well done!
  • Good luck Lah-tay!
  • Good luck Lah-tay.

    And well done.
  • Good luck with it.
  • Good luck. If no response don't forget short fiction (is it fiction?) is popular in e-book form, and it's very cheap to set up POD now.
  • Well done lah-tay and good luck.
  • Good luck with it.
  • Good Luck :)
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