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Webbo, lovely Webbo

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Remember the saga about the subscription renewal letter, sent in April, dated September? Well, I finally sorted it out via e-mail, had a letter, sent off my hard-earned moolah.

On Saturday, I had a letter from the subscriptions department:

Don't miss the June issue of Writing Magazine...' which includes 'How to write fantasy and get it published'. They're taking WM's advice then!


  • Heh heh

    Actually I do hope WM isn't ending up like some of the big orgs in the UK, has lots of little departments that don't speak to each other.
  • *sends Dora a memo*
  • No, we're one big happy family. Even wish each other goodnight like the Waltons as we settle down for a good night's kip on the straw matting they allow us to keep under our desks.
  • And we're looking into it Mrs B. Again!
  • If it might help, Dora and I could always come up and help in the office.

    We love shuffling paper and stuff and we'd promise not to shred anything, or punch holes where we shouldn't.
  • I reckon it's a rogue computer. It wants to be typing up creative works of fiction, but instead has to do the boring everyday stuff...:)
  • [quote=Baggy Books]If it might help, Dora and I could always come up and help in the office.[/quote]
    You'd have to bring your own matting.
  • *packs bags*

    I'll be there tomorrow!

    *takes new broom*
  • [quote=Baggy Books]or punch holes where we shouldn't.

    Erm, some things in this life I ain't never promising I won't do.

    But yes, I dooooooooooo like the idea of being WM's girlie FRiday.
  • And we could do special things on the other days - Chocolate Mondays, Wine Tuesdays, Whipping Wednesdays (my fave), Treacle Thursdays and Girl Fridays.
  • Hmm, not sure I'd be happy being 'done' in WM's office.
  • So how come they didn't remind me to renew MY subscription?

    "feels slighted and marginalised"
  • Have you got a subscription, Lizy? (Always start with the simple questions - Ed.) Thanks, Webbo.
    Straw matting? You're spoilt, the lot of you!
  • Subscription?

    I remember paying it many moons ago, but I think I get it all free now on account of my regular contributions and words of wisdom on this forum.

    Don't tell Webbo.
  • They pay me to read it.

    Not much.

    Keeps me in sausages.
  • I did have a subscription for two years.
    It lapsed after this year's August issue.
    Hence my begging letter on another thread.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]They pay me to read it.[/quote]

    They pay me to wear it.

    I'm a paper girl.

    Duh - liveree!
  • Straw matting? You don't know you're born. Why I only have a dog under my desk. And she sleeps on a slipper.
  • A dog on a slipper? You were lucky!... etc
  • When I was a child, we were so poor, the slipper our dog slept on didn't even have a sole.

    In fact, we were so poor...
  • ...that the slipper was once a leather shoe that had been mauled by the previous dog which we were forced to eat.
  • pbwpbw
    edited August 2013
    Man bites dog.
    That takes the biscuit, that does: the dog biscuit.
  • edited August 2013
    Dog biscuits? You could afford dog biscuits? We were so poor that we had to make dog biscuits out of sawdust from the woodworm in our floor, and we had to chew it first before we passed it on to fatten up the dog to eat for Christmas dinner.
  • You call that poor? We were so poor . . .

    oh soddit! Mrs Bear wins.
  • Yes, but I doubt she was so poor she lived in a hole in the road.
  • Wednesday sounds an interesting day - might pop on, just to observe.
  • [quote=Lizy]oh soddit! Mrs Bear wins. [/quote] *Bows, accepts accolades, withdraws to rest on laurels*
    dora - roads? You had roads?
  • [quote=Maro]Wednesday sounds an interesting day - might pop on, just to observe.[/quote]
    But oil be in Tuesday aforrrrre ye......
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