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Who's in December 2013's Writing Magazines?

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Yes, it's that time again...

Who’s in December 2013's magazine? The magazines probably won't be in the shops until 7th November so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • My copy has just arrived. I've been frantically flicking through the pages again and again to find my favourite part, 'Under the Microscope'.

    Am I just not seeing it or has it been dropped? :(
  • There's an ad for my book cover design site in this month's magazine I think.

    *Heads of to find iPad to see if it's downloadable yet.*
  • Debby - not dropped for good, but not present this month I'm afraid. Too much other stuff to get in!
    Nena - not downloadable till Thursday I'm afraid. Ad's on p63!
  • Are the results and shortlist for the Sea poem comp in this month?
  • Phew! Thanks, Webbo.

    Looking forward to devouring the 'too much other stuff'. :)
  • Heather - yes. Nearly carried them forward too, but got them in in the end.
  • My article on free websites is on p24!
  • My copy hasn't arrived in today's post, but when it does that's an article I will definitely read, Lou. :)

    Well done Nena and Lou.
  • Waiting...
  • Just flicked through mine.

    I've seen a familiar name or two - well done, all, but my lips are sealed!
  • Mine arrived at lunchtime. Only had a scan through so far.
  • edited November 2013
    Saw your ad, Nena. Lou, your article looks most interesting, perhaps tying in with my ideas for next year, I'll be in to that later.
    Seen another Tber, and a reference to one more.
    Well done.
  • Mine arrived today. Lots of great articles, and Tber's articles in there. Well done, guys.

    By the way, Lorraine, how much DO you earn, to the penny please?
  • No sign of mine.

  • Mine was here yesterday, but didn't get time to look at it till just now. Read your article with interest Lou. I've tried out several websites - still looking for the perfect one!
  • Well done, Lou and Nena.
  • Mine arrived here in Warrenpoint yesterday - going to try and read it tonight. Looking forward to your article, Lou.
  • Thanks for your article, Lou. Really good, practical advice.
  • I have an article in there on guest blogging :)
  • Mine's arrived - I shall try and look at it later.

  • Mine's arrived, but no time to look at it, so well done to all TB's included.
  • A piece I submitted about Ripon Writers' Group's latest anthology is in WN and no, that isn't yours truly in the photograph. It's our Vice Chair Lindsay who thought up the idea and then organised our literary outing to Markenfield Hall.
  • I enjoyed that, Wendy.

    (Tried to quote your comment to put mine in context but it just threw me off the fred!)

    Well done montholon, haven't got to that bit yet but will look out for the piece.
  • Congratulations, Wendy's Writing and montholon!
  • Had a quick flick through and spotted some, but not all, TBers - I will read it properly another day. Also spotted Webbo's deliberate mistake - now I can relax.
  • Twiddles thumbs, having no idea what you're all rabbiting on about. Nothing in my mailbox today but a chatty letter from EDF.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Also spotted Webbo's deliberate mistake - now I can relax.[/quote]

    What page did he put the mistake on- or should that be, not notice. ;)
  • You'll spot it, Carol.
  • [quote=Baggy Books] Also spotted Webbo's deliberate mistake - now I can relax.


    Well, can't have Webbo making a break from tradition now can we?
  • Read your article this morning, Lou. Thanks. Websites are still a big dark hole to me!

    A mistake! From Webbo, you say?

    Now I'm going to have to spend my day hunting it down instead of writing a bestseller.

    That Webbo has a lot to answer for.

    Where's my red pen...
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]A mistake! From Webbo, you say?[/quote]
    More than one, I must confess. You're gonna need a bigger pen.
  • *tuts*

    If Webbo can't get it right, how much can be expected from the rest of us?
  • Me, me, I'm in it!
    Haven't had time to sport the unforced errors yet, young Webbo, but I will. You have been warned.
  • Congratulations, Mrs Bear.

    The way it's going I will be reading the latest issue on the train to Bedford tomorrow. :)
  • Yes, saw that Mrs Bear. Well-written.

    I hope you'll take advantage of the exercises further in. Whoever would have guessed that Webbo could look that good in a leotard? (Mind you, he is wise to have a second career option considering the mistakes that man makes. And he calls himself an editor...)
  • [quote=Webbo]More than one, I must confess. You're gonna need a bigger pen.[/quote]


    [quote=Mrs Bear]Me, me, I'm in it![/quote]

    Read it - and am pleased I am being good with me keyboard and stuff.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]Whoever would have guessed that Webbo could look that good in a leotard?[/quote]
    *Casts wary glance at front cover. Didn't know it was that sort of publication.*
  • Webbo, that was a big error- I mean, who knew that Amazon had gone that far! ;)
  • [quote=Webbo]More than one, I must confess.[/quote]

    How many are we talking exactly? Should I make a spreadsheet and deliver the corrections in a manila envelope?

    I've found number one, anyway- tick.
  • Two!

    Any advances?
  • Can't be arsed. Humiliating Webbo is a despicable pastime, and anyway, I'd like to win a 'comp' some day.
  • [quote=snailmale]anyway, I'd like to win a 'comp' some day.[/quote]


    *realises mistake and stops polishing space in trophy cabinet*
  • I think it's a lovely issue - and I'm sure the errors are there just to test us.
  • There's a lot of good stuff in there- I only had time to have a quick flick through, but I know it will keep me from getting bored on the train journey tomorrow. :)
  • The only error I've spotted is that I'm in the Sea poem shortlist and not in first place ;)
  • :) and congratulations.
  • Well done, heather!
  • Any thoughts on the book cover on page 40?
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